Movie Review-7th Day


Review-Jason M. Koch’s debut 7th Day is a film that may not be for everyone. Dire Wit Films newest film is different from what you would expect of the people who brought you Pleasures of the Damned and Isle of the Damned. Where those films could be seen as parody in a way, this film has dark comic overtones at times but for the most part is disturbing and yet fascinating. The 7th Day is a week in the life of Allen Dean. When the film opens we discover right off the bat there is something not quite right with this guy. When you listen to him thru voice-overs how he is, you clearly know that he is not in the least sense in touch with reality. Allen’s 7 day look into his life starts off with us learning not only is he delusional, he is also a killer. We are not really quite sure what his motives are, he tells us he kills for fun but he also tells us many other things that we learn are not true as this week plays out. Allen for the most part is a loner, a sad and misunderstood man who works a crap job, feels like the girl he is scared to talk and when he says anything to her creeps her out is his destined love and that his life is on the up. The film paints us this picture that Allen is desperate and his only friends seem to be in the form of any escape he can get his hands on, unless you count this weird ghost that seems to trail him that could be in his head. The positives are easy; the gore is just downright amazing. There are some really cool kills in the film. I felt the dark humor touches help balance this story, this film has such an odd sense of humor that you will find yourself either smirking or laughing at stuff that in reality you may not view as comical. The characters I felt really worked and made you feel like you had to keep watching just to see what they can possible deliver in the next scene. The negatives: I felt some of the payoff scenes were sort of flat, that they were built up to really deliver and underwhelmed, including the ending and leaving us hanging sort of. This film builds up to see what will happen when reality does come crashing, and we get to see it crash but not how it gets dealt with. That to me is the only negative I really had, I wanted this film to give us 5 or 10 more minutes and clean up all the loose ends. I like that this film took a familiar premise, and took some ideas and thought outside the box a little. Was it original, not even close but it was entertaining. I feel if you thought you knew Dire Wit films, you are going to be very surprised. This is a fun week in the life of a delusional junkie serial killer.

7.5 out of 10