Metallica’s James Hetfield Jams With Kids For Charity

Metallica James Hetfield

Love them or hate them, Metallica is a rare band who constantly gives back to the metal community, covers songs from their idol bands, invites their favorite bands to open for them and much more. I give them all the respect in the world for what they have accomplished musically as well. Their early albums are classics without a shadow of a doubt. The post “…And Justice For All” stuff is not as bad as people rip it for. Heck, I even like a bunch of songs off of “Reload.”

To make my point even clearer, check out the footage below of Metallica’s James Hetfield jamming with a bunch of kids at the Dinner for Little Kids Rock charity in Menlo Park, CA. The video, broken into two clips, shows Hetfield playing one of Metallica’s most iconic songs, Enter Sandman.

Honestly, how many other metal bands would do this?

The benefit was for Little Kids Rock, the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of music instruction and instruments to public schools. Hetfield was actually awarded the “Livin’ The Dream Award,” for his contributions to the charity over the years.