Metal Review: Vastum: Patricidal Lust (2013)

Vastum Patricidal Lust

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While San Francisco death metal outfit Vastum has just one album to their name, 2011’s “Carnal Law,” they have plenty of experience behind them consisting of members from Acephalix and Hammers of Misfortune. With their sophomore effort, “Patricidal Lust,” they are doing more of the same damage that their debut did.

The down-tuned death metal fury evident throughout each track runs through the listener like a jackhammer. The filthy, grimy riffs incorporated into each track are so dirty that they have been pulled from the deep bowels of hell. Vastum’s tempo of choice is a mid-paced chug with meaty riffs to carry them through each track. One of the best riffs on the entire album is the rhythm guitar riff used on Enigma of Disgust. It is something out of a classic thrash metal playbook. This track also incorporates aspects of doom metal with the chorus and breakdown sections.

3 A.M. in Agony is another track that chugs ahead in hopes of forcing its way through your chest. The harsh vocals add another layer of depth to this one although just the riffs alone already had me sold.

Overall, as unsettling as Vastum’s “Patricidal Lust” is, that is why we enjoy it, so death metal fans, eat this one up as vile as it may be. We do not get too many death albums like this one.

Patricidal Lust Track Listing:
1. Seasons in the Claustrum (The Libidinal Spring) 06:08
2. Enigma of Disgust 07:10
3. 3 A.M. in Agony 04:53
4. Incel 06:39
5. Patricidal Lust 05:30
6. Repulsive Arousal 06:52
Total Running Time: 37:12