Metal Review: Hammer Fight: Chug of War (2013)

Hammer Fight Chug of WarNew Jersey’s Hammer Fight is hitting us with their latest album, “Chug of War,” on November 12, 2013 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. After having released an EP last year, Hammer Fight hits us with their first full-length effort, which has an absolutely wicked tone. The shredding guitar sounds are the highlight to this release.

From the opening riffs to Ruben’s Ride, you fall in love with the guitar tones. The love does become short lived because of the monotony of the lyrical output from the band, but if you get past the juvenile lyrics, there is plenty to like about “Chug of War.” Songs like I Didn’t Feel Like Drinking (Until I Started Drinking) are fun for the first few listens and you fall into the trap of singing background vocals with the band.

There is a little NWOBHM homage here is certain spots especially the twin guitar work in songs like Made in Rock, but the album is more of an homage to thrash with some bluesy lead guitar work.

Overall “Chug of War” is a fun, decent release that could be so much more than it is. I love the guitars warm and fuzzy tone and some of the bluesy leads are so appropriate for these songs. I am not sold on the vocals nor the lyrics though, so this one is not perfect, but well worth your time.

Chug of War Track Listing:
1. Ruben’s Ride
2. I Didn’t Feel Like Drinking (Until I Started Drinking)
3. Disas-tour
4. Foot Chase
5. Ginger Rails
6. Get Wrecked
7. Sleeping with the Enemy
8. Queer Eye for the Scene Guy
9. Down The Line
10. Made In Rock
11. Hella Weights
12. Stellar Mass
13. Bar Room Bully