Metal Review: Disfigurement: Soul Rot (2013)

Disfigurement Soul Rot

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Boris Records’ Disfigurement hails from Atlanta, Georgia and bring their take on classic old school death metal with their EP release of “Soul Rot.” Admittedly, death metal fans who have been around the block a while will not find Disfigurement to bring much to the table that has not been brought before, but that does not mean that “Soul Rot” is not worth a buy. On the contrary, if you are looking for some new death metal fodder to feast upon, Disfigurement is right up your alley.

The highlight of the album is the title track, Soul Rot, which brings some depth with its sound. I am almost ready to say that there is even some melody here, but it is still as brutal as every other track on this release. There is a lot going on here though from some great rhythm guitar work and even some squealing lead sounds.

Nate Godbee’s harsh vocals are extremely guttural and fit the dark, sinister mood of the album. The guitar tandem of Adam Besserer and Richard Olsen are a sharp team which handles both lead and rhythm duties exceptionally well. The battery of Max Madara on bass and Vaedis on drums keep the band sharp and precise from track to track.

With 5 tracks and a running time of just over 23 minutes, “Soul Rot” has a decent length for its EP rating. I cannot bark about the length of this one since it is only an EP. Overall, “Soul Rot” is plenty solid and well worth your time. Recorded by Scott Prian, mixed by Dan Klein (Arcane Studio), and mastered by Jack Control (Enormous Door), “Soul Rot” also features the stunning cover art of the mighty Juanjo Castellano.

Soul Rot Track Listing:
1. Noxious Sensation
2. Solitude
3. Soul Rot
4. Entrance to Emptiness
5. Foul Light

Disfigurement Line-up:
Max Madara – Bass
Vaedis – Drums
Adam Besserer – Guitars (lead)
Richard Olsen – Guitars (lead)
Nate Godbee – Vocals