Ice T’s Body Count to Release New Album Manslaughter in 2014

Body Count

Ice T’s metal crew Body Count will be returning with a brand new album in 2014.

“Just finished the 1st night of VOCAL recording for the NEW Bodycount album…,” tweets the hip hop heavyweights. “It feels good. YOU’RE NOT READY! #MANSLAUGHTER 2014?

Of course, Body Count created one of metal’s most controversial moments with their 1992 self-titled album containing the track Cop Killer.

  • James DePaolo

    I like some Body Count songs. I think of Body Count as a novelty band more than a real one. Everyone mentioned in the start, metal band black lead singer talking about killing cops. Now you see Ice T walking around with his trophy wife playing a cop on tv. I feel bands like Bad Brains,24-7 Spyz, and etc and even go so far as to say Sepultura with Green..are bands that I felt should have had that break. What does Body Count have to offer music in 2014? I am assuming the same tired lyrics with the same done to death riffs…they are a one trick pony…..