Blu Ray Review(s)-Maniac Cop 2 and Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence


Both titles will be available this Tuesday from Blue Underground

Review-These days it just seems like there is no film that is safe from the dreaded remake monsters. You know they are the Hollywood heavies that have no original concepts and instead take all their creativity and inspirations and rip off an idea of someone else. I am just shocked that no one thought about Maniac Cop or either of the sequels. Just for the camp value of all three of the films alone, just screams a new version. Off these films, we also got countless knock offs like Psycho Cop. I am just glad that Blue Underground is behind the blu rays, because I know that fans (including me) will get our money worth. For all of you who may be new to Maniac Cop, let me give you some background. Matt Cordell is an ex-policeman who is on a killing spree. In the first film he is killed, but thank god for the power of making a cult hit and bringing in some cash, he can come back from certain death and go from human to super human. The film starts off with Cordell wanting to get revenge on those who stopped in part one which included a very young Bruce Campbell. Part 2 also introduces us to a sub-plot that we learn how Cordell got so scarred up and almost plays him off as a hero of sorts, when we learn he was wrongfully sent to prison by corrupt police. We get to watch prisoners slash him up, and those scenes will make action and horror fans smile. He also has some kind of friend I guess or partner in a bearded serial killer. This film is dumb fun, nothing more or less. If you go into a film like this for acting and script, you may as well rent Amadeus. This film is an adrenaline rush of a violent film, that has one of the best car scenes I can recall to keep you excited.


As fun as part two is, I really like some elements of this film.. and I know for some people that is sacrilege. I feel this film is so misunderstood because people expected so much out of it. I mean as prosperous this film is, I found that led to its campy fun at times. Cordell once again (spoiler) is alive and this time he is in love. I mean when you say that alone, that is just silly. Now, let me just say that this film also gives you an early Jackie Earle Haley who plays a robber that a police woman gets gunned down by. She is criticized for using too much physical force and now the Maniac Cop feels that she is his soul mate and protects her. While the first two films are more action based, I always felt the third one can almost be described as more horror based. It is like the Maniac Cop has become almost like a Jason Vorhees of sorts. I know that this film is not a high note for Lustig who left it before it was over due to conflicts with the producer which left producer Joel Sossion to finish directing. Now when it comes to directing and Sossion, we all know how bad his resume was. He did the Pulse sequels, the Children of the Corn-Genesis, and the two awful Prophecy sequels. So, you know the man has never had any luck with a film being good, so that also shows on certain elements with this film. It does have the scene where the Maniac Cop is no fire which I will not spoil the rest of that scene, because for that alone on blu is so worth the dollars. Robert Davi does the best he can with what he is given and actually makes it work for the most part. The film tries to break Maniac Cop into new areas which tried to make a killing machine seem like a love hungry stalker of sorts, it took away the aspect of a police officer bringing fear to you in place it made him almost like some kind of horror slasher villain, which completely undermined the first two films that established Davi’s character as this out of control police officer out for revenge and vengeance. I have to admit there are elements of part three that just made this such a fun little low expectation camp film that kept my attention. There are some scenes in this film that try too hard, and if you can sustain your disbelief long enough will keep you entertained. I am such a fan of this series and always wished for a 4th one. Part 3 is indeed the weakest of them all, but it has so much campy crap in it, that I felt this was junk food for my brain and found myself for the most part entertained.

Part 2-8 out of 10
Part 3-6 out of 10