Adult Movie Reviews-The Oral Generation-Oui, girls-Schoolgirl Report Vol 11-double feature Virgin and the Lover and Lustful Feelings

The Oral Generation and Virgin and the Lover double feature are out now by Vinegar Syndrome

Oui, Girls and Schoolgirl Report are coming out November 12th from Impulse Pictures


Review-In 1981 the adult film industry lost a very beautiful young lady in Tina Russell to stomach cancer. When people think of her name they think of her in Deep Throat Part 2, but her resume was so much more than that as was she. Keep in mind even though this is on Amazon, this film is hardcore and I mean very hardcore. In addition to the film you get four shorts that are just as hardcore. Onto the film, the picture may look dated but the quality and sound is pretty good. This is basically some kind of scientific study into giving oral pleasure, as we watch the giving and receiving of oral pleasure from both men and women. The sex scenes in the film are what will sell this dvd, not the horrible narration or lack of any story or characters. So, in terms of sex this film for the retro feel of it is well worth checking out. Tina Russell has some screen time and to see her body is really a plus. This film has beautiful enough women, the sex scenes are tame by today’s standards but nonetheless enough to get the casual viewer’s attention.

7 out of 10


Review-Oui, girls have had more dvd releases than most horror films, and each release was from a different company. I think the last one I remember because I saw it was when TVX Home Video released it, then two years later it came out as a trio pack with some other porn films. In the world of porn, this one is a bit hard to follow because the story is so all over the map, and I know someone will say it is porn who cares, but how can you get into a porn film if you have no clue what is going on beside sex? This guy we will say suspects a man of trying to kill his wife to collect the insurance, so the investigator guy gets his girlfriend to pose as his own wife to try and learn more about this guy. Well, the girl meets up with the guy and is invited to a swinger party. Now, keep in mind this girl is naïve and maybe not the brightest, so she does not know what that is at first. So she tells her boyfriend about the invite, then he tells her what they are and she drops that bombshell on him that she is a virgin. Now, he has to break his girlfriend in and then thru the course of the film we learn that there is a swerve to all this which I will not divulge, but say that I may have to try this one day. Then, when the big swerve is revealed he is caught, and now his girlfriend decides she is going to go to this party and fuck anything and anyone she wants, two or more, who cares.The film then has a second swerve to it, and an ending that is so fucking cornball that you will laugh all night over it. This film is dull, and I mean dull. The film quality is poor, which is to be expected because the original print was so cheaply done it was poor as well. This film is as much a turn on is as an amputation. I found myself many times laughing at the film, the only arousal or stimulation this film could give the male viewer is the feeling that you got fucked out of your money for buying it. Though, the women in this film are beautiful, and one looks like a young Beverly D’Angelo from Vacation. So, if that interests you, it may be worth a peak. All in all, it was a waste of time.

3 out of 10


Review-Helga Anders is another one of those actresses from this genre who died way too soon. Impulse Pictures releases yet another one of those Schoolgirl Report films, which is basically soft core cable tv adult. I really am not a fan of the soft core stuff, because I feel it is just a poor man’s porn without the stuff we like to watch porn for. It is like a date where you get to touch all over the person and they are all worked up, then tell you they have to go home and will call you later. The film basically follows a German radio show, (which were these shows that preceded the podcast and were on this device your great grandparents used called a radio) it is about people telling us what can be done to help protect today’s youth. As the stories play out on air, we get to watch the sexual stories being played out. This felt more like the Hustler letters more than an actual film. Some of the stories in this little erotic anthology are decent and kept my attention. But, this just seems to run into what I call the Schoolgirl syndrome that if you watched one of the films you watched them all. I mean beside the change in women and some aspects and elements here and there, there is not much new about this. The dialogue and acting for the most part are not the best, and the sex scenes again for soft core seem like such a tease. The women in this film deliver on the beauty and the sexuality, but the film just feels like going to first base when you want to hit a home run. The plot, character development and dialogue are not there, and not ashamed to tell you that they are not there. The women in this film are the selling point and they deliver, even though it could be called a dry hump.

5 out of 10


Review-The final is a double feature of films directed by Kemal Horulu. While I dug Lustful Feelings a lot, I feel Virgin and the Lover is the film that really shines. This film for a film from the 70’s really comes across well in today’s porn standards and also quality. You can almost view this film as a look into the future from back then. The sex in this film is an odd mix of softcore and hardcore, which makes me think he was shooting this for more of an art house chic film because unlike most porn films, this has a story that really feels like a bigger budget film and the term porn though is appropriate also could hurt it. This film focuses on a filmmaker whose name is Edwards. It seems he has some deep rooted issue and keeps a mannequin in his place. The film takes almost an Andrew McCarthy turn as the mannequin at times does come to life, but she has sex with him. Thru this he has to go see a shrink, which I mean I see nothing wrong in dressing up fake women and having sex with them for a moment of life-ness they get. Well once there at the shrink, he falls for the receptionist who vows to help heal him. This film goes into hardcore sex territory later in the film when Jonathan comes into the picture who seems to find out that Edwards has been with his girl, all this and a sex party. As the film goes on Edwards makes a film called Two Women, which we get lesbian sex. Lustful Feelings is basically more of the same we talked about all review long. Sex, female opens the film pleasuring herself. We get a decent enough weak story that you follow because the women are beautiful and naked. All in all, this was a good double feature and I really enjoyed watching the majority of it, the other part of it was good as well but lacked the reason we watch porn for.

8 out of 10