Zombie Casserole Review

Zombie CasseroleOnce in a while, a film comes along that makes you laugh, cry, and think.  It changes your entire outlook on life and brings you back to the real world with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

But those movies bore me to tears, so instead I’ll discuss this fun little flick about the aftermath of the undead apocalypse:  Zombie Casserole.

This roughly thirty-minute film takes place after the zombie uprising.  The dead rose, began to walk—and then started marching for suffrage and equal rights.  But it’s hard to get sympathy when most of the world thinks you should be marching back into the coffin, not the voting booth.

Wally is a classic bigot who laughs at violence against zombies and throws rocks at canvassers.  He throws a dinner party for his sister and some friends—and he is in for a rude shock when he finally meets her new husband.  He eventually is confronted with the error in his thinking, but not before going through some very uncomfortable changes.  This is a bloody yet charming fable about cognitive dissonance and confronting one’s prejudices.

This independent film was shot over the course of several weeks and then edited over several months.  Its clumsy charm makes it clear that the filmmakers genuinely care about the quality of their work, more so than many slick money-makers currently in rotation in Hollywood.  The zombie effects are gory but not gratuitously so, the moral is smart (in a dark sort of way), and the dialogue is sassy fun.  “Stop calling them rotters!  They’re undead Americans!”  The satiric dialogue offers upbeat an upbeat counterpoint to the gruesome visuals.  It’s like salty and sweet for the eyes.

The acting talent is earnest and clever.  For the last several years, I’ve seen many a big-budget film that had me wondering how much that actor’s soul went for, that he showed up for the gig.  It was a real pleasure to watch a movie in which the actors and crew clearly are having the time of their lives.  Never underestimate the artistic value in fun for fun’s sake.

All in all, the movie’s a treat.  Sort of like a cake pop painted with food coloring to look like a bloody eyeball, swimming in raspberry sauce.  It’s that kind of treat.  Go on and take a bite.

Zombie Casserole first appeared at the Mascara and Popcorn Film Festival.  Its future appearances will include the Macabre Faire Film Festival in New York and HalloweeM 38, a Mensa event in Chicago.  Yes, Mensa.  I am completely serious.  Never let it be said that nerds don’t know how to have a good time.

Once Zombie Casserole is finished touring the film festivals, it will be available for purchase on Amazon.  The DVD will include the Zombie Casserole trailer, the hilarious short Stir Fried Justice, and outtakes from the film (zombies singing Happy Birthday and similar shenanigans).  You can keep up with the shambling horde via their website, http://www.forzombies.net/.  They are also available on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Zombie Casserole:  Guess who’s shambling to dinner!