TV Show Review-Hart of Dixie -The Complete Second Season


Coming out this Tuesday

Review-Hart of Dixie is a fish out of water story that involves Zoe. In almost a Doc Hollywood sort of story, Zoe who is one of the best in her field is lacking in patient interaction. Zoe is sentenced to one year in general practice and as you can guess it turns her world upside down. When Zoe arrives in Bluebell it seems to change her way of thinking episode to episode and by the end of the first season, things start to change for her as well as most of the people in this place. Like the first season, the second season suffers from the same issues that this show tries to cater to too many people. It tries to have humor but it tries too hard to be a relationship drama. The drama is too complicated at times, where like season one we are always wondering what is going on and why they are not simplifying the storylines. The saving grace to this show is that Rachel Bilson and Jamie King seem to work hard to make their characters stand out. Where Zoe could be like Michael J Fox was in Doc Hollywood, Bilson tries to soften the role of Zoe up where you feel for her being this lost soul just looking for her place in all this. This show is basically about self-discovery and at times rediscovering oneself and trying to be better at what we do in life. Zoe is trying hard to relate to her patients but we learn more from how she relates to herself. I love that this show does at times bring up social issues and they are not shy to shed light on them. This show has a good heart and Zoe will grow on you as you watch on. It works on a level that would relate to a late teen or an adult who just seems confused in their own skin. I loved that the Wade storyline was more prominent in some of the episodes and it sucks that this show is on the chopping block. This show does tug at the heart strings, and being that I was born in New York and moved to Alabama, I can definitely relate to being a fish out of water, and also trying to fit in with a different vibe. All in all, this is definitely a show for the women, and a guy like me watching it with Kleenex may be better not typed on this review but I really got into this season and I wish there was more coming.

8 out of 10