TV Review-Robot Chicken Season 6( Blu Ray)


Coming out this Tuesday

Review-Robot Chicken is a show that will not cater to everyone’s taste buds, but it is a show that has really garnered such a devoted fan-base. To describe this show it is absolutely a work of animated brilliance and genius. Now some of the skits do at times miss the mark, but the creators know this and at times mock that as well. The humor on this show is smart, the skits have some very cool cameos and also nothing is off-limits to their range of gags. The skits range from knocking pop culture to just plain and utter absurdity. Those skits lead to the uniqueness of this also. I feel even if you never watched an episode and just heard about this concept that you would respect the work put into and give it a shot. One of the insane minds behind this show is Seth Green, and you can tell that this is his labor of love and each season he really ups the ante and makes it better than the last. If you are not familiar with this show let me help you on this. Seth Green and Matthew Senreich created a show that has skits that are stop-motion that really make fun and light of anything and everything. (Including themselves) Seth Green is an actor who has been in a ton of films including the Austin Power films, and Senreich was an editorial director at the Wizard publications. The show is original and very fresh. This season had 20 new episodes that really showcased what fans like me have grown to love from both the television series and their Star Wars specials. This season like past seasons really runs the gambit as who they poke fun at from superheroes to movies to famous stars, this show is really an acquired taste that I feel some people will think some of the humor is maybe too nerdy or odd for their taste. I love the show and the risks they take with some of the skits which are in 15 minute blocks. Some skits go more than a few minutes while others go for a mere seconds. All in all, this show is so creative and cutting edge, that I feel Adult Swim really is a network for the people who are sick of the same old sitcoms and cartoons the majors feed you. If you never experienced Robot Chicken, my advice is buy this season and work your way to the beginning. If you seen Robot Chicken or own the blu rays or dvds, you know you are going to be at the Wal Mart at midnight to get your hands on this.

9 out of 10