TV Review-Regular Show: Fright Pack


Featured Episodes:
1. Terror Tales of the Park II (2-Part Episode), 2. Dead at Eight, 3. Jinx, 4. Grave Sights, 5. In the House, 6. Ello Gov’nor, 7. Death Metal Crash Pit, 8. Creepy Doll, 9. Death Bear, 10. Skunked, 11. See You There, 12. Meat Your Maker, 13. The Best VHS in the World, 14. Dizzy, 15. Last Meal.

Review-If you are a fan of The Regular Show this is just your basic random episodes that were sort of frightening. I would recommend that if you do not have any other of the dvds, this may be a good little buy for you. If you were turned off by the Party Pack that came out a while back, the animation keeps on improving and while the montages that sometime are on each episode are a little too much at times, I still have the best time for the most part with this dvd.


The humor of the show comes across as absurd at times, but it is campy fun. This show revolves around the adventures of two friends a raccoon named Ridgy and a blue jay named Mordecai. This is tailor made for the children on Halloween. This is kiddy enough that the children will have fun, but it also is fun for the whole family as well.