The Walking Dead: Episode 4.03: Isolation Review

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.03: Isolation

Episode Title: “Isolation”
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Director: Dan Sackheim


Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” has been off to a running start and we find ourselves feverishly waiting for the next episode instead of talking about the new team leading the AMC series. That is a telling tale of the competence that Season 4 has been treated with. Perhaps a spoiler alert for Episode 4.04, or more of a guess, but last season’s 4th episode saw the survivors lose two important members. I can see this as being an upheld tradition this year due to the overall climate on the show right now, the flu that they are battling, and the still unsolved mystery of who was feeding rats to the dead.

Isolation” tied up a loose end, but kept another one open and opened up a ton of drama from that. We now know that Carol murdered Karen and David, but at this point in time, Rick is the only one with this knowledge. It was an uncomfortable scene when she nonchalantly answered Rick’s question and admitted to the crime. Due to Daryl’s previous comments, he holds a lot of disdain for whoever murdered these two innocent surviviors, so this is surely going to cause a large rift between their solid relationship. This information would surely cause many of the survivors to look at her in a different light now. This will surely irate Tyreese, and he is looking to be less than stable at this point as well.

Rick and Tyreese came to blows in this episode and we were reminded that Rick is still not entirely sane as well. One of the major differences between the graphic series and the AMC series is that Tyreese and Rick quickly became tight friends in the comic series. Tyreese became Rick’s right-hand man. I cannot ever see that happening on the television show. Tyreese was introduced to Rick when Rick was at his lowest point and they have never seen eye to eye. The only person that seemed to be able to relate to Tyreese after Karen’s murder was Daryl. I loved Tyreese in the comic series, but never got anything out of him in the television series. They never seemed to want to make him an important enough character. In addition to Tyreese losing Karen, his sister has fallen victim to the flu now. When it rains it pours.

Speaking of siblings, Beth and Maggie actually have a scene together which may serve as a reminder that they are actually sisters because many would have forgotten this by now since they have never shown that dynamic in their relationship.

When the survivors go on a supply run, they hear a voice on the radio, which opens up another subplot to get answered soon. We also have a weird scene when Tyreese sits idly in the car to seemingly accept his death only to finally awaken and prove himself to be the force that he is. Hopefully, this opens up his character a little more in future episodes.

The Walking Dead” scored with “Isolation,” and we have so many more exciting loose ends to tie up and mysteries to solve. Let’s see what we get for Episode 4.04. I am expecting some big changes.