Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.04 Review

Jenny Mills

Episode Title: “The Lesser Key of Solomon”
Writer: Damian Kindler
Director: Paul Edwards

Sleepy Hollow” has now been confirmed for a Season 2 and people are really beginning to fall in love with this series. I am not sure where I sit on it just yet. I find it very entertaining and visually striking, but I am finding more issues than promise with the series so far. The first problem that I am running into with this show is that the episodes seem to go up and down in quality. Coming off of Episode 1.03, which was the most interesting episode to this point, Episode 1.04, “The Lesser Key of Solomon,” comes out rather flat from what seemingly looked like an episode that would come out strong.

Episode 1.04 weaves a nice tale and offers us more insight into what should become another key character in the series though. Jenny Mills, Abbie’s sister, gets plenty of air time during this episode and we hope to see a stronger dynamic between these specials sisters because it is very tough to buy them as sisters after this episode. While I enjoy them both individually, I am not quite sure how much I like them together.

Crane, played by Tom Mison, seemingly becomes more intriguing with each episode between each little piece of information we get from his past and with his plight in dealing with his new surroundings. Every now and then, we get a witty comment about an object that Crane has never seen before and his tone is believable.

Episode 1.04 lost a lot of the charm that Episode 1.03 brought to the table, so let’s hope that “Sleepy Hollow” comes back strong with the next episode.