Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.03 Review

Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.03With two episodes down in the books already, “Sleepy Hollow” has shown itself to be a mixed bag with a stunning pilot and a mediocre follow-up. Episode 1.03, “For the Triumph of Evil,” comes at us telling the tale of Sandman. This episode ends up delivering a very capable entry into the series with some of the more visceral and stylish work done to date. Some of the characters up to this point are something out of a Hollywood blockbuster with their looks. We are not getting much of a backstory on some of these yet, but I am sure that time will deliver more details as we need them. For now, the series is content with leaving questions unanswered and mysterious and treating one part at a time. That has always been a successful formula for television.

In terms of actual horror, “Sleepy Hollow” delivers strongly with some bone chilling elements moreso than the previous two episodes. It is very nice to see more horror being utilized, but the question remains about how much is the Headless Horseman being utilized to this point.

Abbie and Ichabod take a trip into the Sandman’s world to deal with one of Abbie’s secrets, which culminates in a mystery opening up when Abbie visits her sister.