Short Film Review-M is for Music


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Review-As horror fans know and have heard the ABC’s of Death 2 is coming and they have left the letter M open for a filmmaker to submit a short and win the coveted spot. Up and coming name on the rise L. Gustavo Cooper has decided to throw his name in the hat with a short called M is for Music. As a horror fan nothing excites you more than seeing a competition that makes people think outside the box and come up with a concept that will not entertain you but leave you talking. I feel for the few I have seen before this one that M is for Music is the oddest one and definitely the one I feel captures the spirit the best of what the ABC’s is all about. The negative right up front is that it is only three and a half minutes, which even though you get so much, you just want to see more. Thus is always the sign that someone is really onto something. This piece is about a pair of violinists who go against each other, where each thing they do on their instruments seems to affect the other. While this is going on, you get this elegant supper table that has this look and feel of a high class social event. Now, with the shorts in ABC’s of Death nothing is that easy, there has to be a catch and Cooper does not disappoint as the people at the table seem to be well dressed but wearing pig masks. To describe this film best would be like comparing it to Sweets the David Gregory short on Theatre Bizarre in both feel and just oddness. It seems in this genre these days trendy beats out talented, but trust me talented eventually get there. This short is another example of why people are raving about this man and what his future holds. If this short makes it or not remains to be seen, but trust me if something does best it, it better be something that really is mind blowing. This was 3 minutes that I want to see again and 3 minutes that I feel cements a future for someone that I said two years ago was coming on the horizon. What a message to the ABC’s of Death. Hopefully they will be as blown away as I am. On a personal note, if this does not happen, I would love a longer short or full length based on this concept. Keep in mind it is not over till the fat lady sings or in this case, plays the violin.

9 out of 10