Though it may not be up to par with films like Naked Lunch nor the questionably brilliant works of David Lynch, Rubber still procures a place in the running for the most bizarre cinematic (projects) of all time.

For those who have a hard time decoding enigmatic films, have no fear. The film is still a comedic piece about a telepathic tire that likes to blow shit up with it’s mind, mostly human heads. And what a sight it is. Ignore the meaning and bask in the glory of watching a film about a tire named Bob that likes to watch NASCAR and stalks a woman named Sheila (Roxane Mesquida.)

For those capable of putting their intellect to good proper use in order to contrive the “meaning of it all,” you will find that explanations are irrelevant. The script may have comedic value but there’s also a deeper meaning below the surface, if you pay attention. For instance, the long rant performed by the officer about how films have no meaning or reason, you will find that there is no reason to watch Rubber unless you want to see a tire blow shit up with it’s mind.

Whether your visitation is merely to bask in the glory of exploding heads or profound filmmaking, Rubber still offers a quality production with creative shots and visual styling. The beautiful cinematography just may have saved this runt. The special effects are impressive and the actors deliver most definitely. It’s a wonder how they managed to get through these scenes without snickering. Keep an eye out for more bizarre Quentin Dupieux projects. God only knows what he has planned for his future career in directing and cinematography.


  • Matt Frame

    Hey WC!

    Got here via your Another
    Wolfcop review.

    My name is Matt Frame,
    director of ‘Camp Death III in 2D!’

    It’s a Canadian
    comedy/horror parody of 1983’s ‘Friday the 13th Part III 3D.’

    She’s hugely moronic (and
    not for the easily offended) but damn fun.

    She’s been accepted to the
    following festivals:

    Nightmares Film Fest

    Requiem Fear Fest (Montreal)

    Sin City Horror Fest (Las

    Cinematic Panic (Memphis)

    The trailer link is below.

    If it interests you then
    email us for a link/password for your own screener.

    We’d love you to review it
    but we’re equally happy to just have movie fans check her out.


    Matt Frame.