Music Review-Def-Con-One-Brute Force And Ignorance EP




1. Brute Force And Ignorance
2. Caving In
3. Weapons Of War
4. No More Hate

Review-One thing you can say about this band is that they do not play around or pull punches. This band is just straight up metal and so in your face. Warface their debut record was pretty much from start to finish a solid record that kept the metal fans salivating on the power groove and force it was being pummeled with. This 4 song record is a little different, the songs while still heavy on the power groove and the hardcore crunch, show almost a maturing in the vocals. Where this time around Davey seems content to show people he is not only angry but also very melodic and can carry a song. The title track opens this record and comes right out the gates in attack mode and then gives you some very catchy riffs that will have you wanting to play back this song but that is the beauty of this record and this band. Each song is so catchy and addictive that it has the must go back feel. Caving In shows another side of this band and maybe a peak into the future. Where the groove is still there and catchy riffs, but it feels a little darker in the mood and attitude of the chorus and vocal delivery. I feel this record is the bridge from debut to follow up and what is coming next for fans. No More Hate sounds like the song Warfare’s angry little cousin. It has the same feel and really sounds like a song that live will send the fans into frenzy. I will not lie, I would have loved to hear more music and as four songs this cd will leave you wanting more and ends on the same take no prisoner sound that it started with. This record has me very hopeful that this band is going to grow and really deliver a very solid follow up. This band should be huge, and hopefully with this little sample people will get a piece and want more.

8 out of 10