Movie Review-Within the Darkness


Review-Within the Darkness is a film that has its heart in the right place. The story is about a group of people trying to act like they are hunting ghosts. They are out to shoot a pilot episode and as you can guess when you go into haunted places you are bound to find haunted things. The film tries hard, and some aspects of this film really work. There are a few scenes that are genuinely spooky. The problem with this film is that it is so slow and very talky. Erin Cline who I really loved in Quite a Conundrum really is acting in the range and direction of a lifetime made for TV film. That is what this film could be classified as a Lifetime Horror Movie of the Week. Where you have the set up haunted house with the one female who is pregnant and does not want her lover to know because he is so selfish and does not show her the attention she craves. Case in point is that in the opening scenes of the film you get a full-on sex scene, and then in the following half hour which takes place the next day all of a sudden she is ashamed to get in a hot tub with her bikini because she is showing on her pregnancy? But, had sex the day before and had no issue then. Austin who is the man behind this show and the oblivious selfish boyfriend, gets his crew to set this house up like it is haunted. They do that, and as the film plays on things start to happen, and the crew thinks it was done as part of the show. The acting in the film is what you would expect from a low budget indie ghost film, nothing really goes outside the box or the extra mile. The crew just do enough to get by which I mean was not the problem. The problem was that this film for a horror film or even a thriller had really not that much horror and even less thrills. The film has heart and it tries like I said earlier but the film had such bad pacing. Though, I did like the twist to it. The film did get clever towards the end like it had to find a way to stand out over all the other indie ghost films and I did think in that aspect it did do something different. So, if you want to give this film a shot it had a few things that may make you enjoy watching, but as a whole it needed so much more too really keep my attention. You have a talented group of actors, it is just sad that they were not given so much more to work with. It could have been so much more worst, but yet it could have been so much more better as well. Though, I still think Erin Cline in the right role will be a major star.

4 out of 10