Movie Review-White House Down


Be prepared November 5th home video is being taken over…

Review-As an American we should feel so safe right now. We only had two films this year about the White House being under attack. One thing is for sure, watching both these films that the staff are oblivious and to break in and take it completely over seems easier than one may think. White House Down while some may compare the situation to Olympus Has Fallen, keep in mind after that description these are two totally different films. Roland’s Emmerich’s follow up to 2009’s 2012 is more of the same insanity that you come to expect from his films. Jamie Foxx plays our President and Channing Tatum is our action hero who is out to try and save the White House, President and all of mankind from this threat. Channing plays a Army veteran and someone who for his daughter’s attention is trying to become a secret service member.

John Cale is a Policeman who has a little girl who is just a huge fan of The White House and President, and when John has a job interview he takes her along so after the interview they can take the tour. Well, he does not get the job and during the tour of the White House you guessed it, the White House gets taken over. The group that takes over the White House, to tell you more about them then being a radical group would be spoiling a major plot point, so I will be vague.

Tatum plays the Bruce Willis first Die Hard role to a tee. Where at first he seems reluctant and talks to himself, but as the film goes on he seems in total ass kicker mode. Emmerich has come back with a film that is so ridiculously over the top that it is hard not to like this film. While the film seems to center around Foxx and Tatum, the supporting cast also do a great job in this junk food planet, Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods, Richard Jenkins, and Jason Clarke really keep the film centered while the two main leads go into action star mode which means the dialogue and one liners are going to be total cheese.

Given that this is the second time Emmerich has blown up the White House, he really goes over the top and while the action was better in Olympus, the effects are better on this one. This biggest positive to this film is that this film is not ashamed to embrace the insanity it gives you. Some of the scenes are so over the top ridiculous like a car chase on the White House lawn that involves a rocket launcher, but they keep your attention because they really deliver that bombastic energy that just are so goofy but fun.

At the end of the day, this film from start to finish is what you watch a film for, it is an escape. I would put it in the same category as those other popcorn film that just flows at full steam ahead and does not stop the ride till you get your action fix.

8 out of 10