Movie Review-The Hot Nights of Linda


Review-In the last 3 months I have been on such a Jess Franco kick. It seems like each week, we are graced with another blu ray of his. I have to admit I saw the title But Who Raped Linda and thought that this one is going to be classic Franco. And I was right; this film is odd enough exploitation at its sleaziest, sexiest and violent. Like most of Franco’s films we get the beachfront villa and the beautiful French lady, this time her name is Marie-France and she is being hired by some rich guy named Steiner to take care of his invalid little daughter Linda, and mental niece Olivia. When it comes to Olivia, (this next part may seem like a running them in all the reviews tonight, and funny enough both are Severin films) she is a virgin but seems to be horny a lot so much so that she will masturbate anytime. As the film plays on it seems Marie seems to get closer and closer to Olivia. Things change when Olivia sneaks into Linda’s room one night and rapes her. She also sexually attacks Abdul who is a servant when he snuck in Steiner’s room for a key that is hidden. As we learn more and more about the characters we learn that Linda as a kid witnessed her uncle killing a man who was fucking his wife who later died. This film like most of Franco’s past is heavily into the perverse, and is drenched in sexual tensions and eye candy that will manipulate you while they tantalize. It seems Jess made love with his camera and you can tell when it comes to Lina Romay and her nude scenes, it almost seems like while she is rolling around pleasuring herself that we are in that room with her. There is also violence to go with the sex and nudity, and one of the key scenes involve a naked Abdul chained to a wall and beaten with a cane for touching Olivia. Now Severin Films also gave the first 2,500 copies a special treat. It seems it comes with a third disc which was a hardcore version of the film with very graphic sex and a lot of things that Jess knew would be cut or altered just to be considered for an R rating. Since I had to watch this version, the masturbation and lesbian stuff is very X and some of the film is altered to fit this more adult version where you get more and more nudity. There is also a scene where Olivia while she is raping Linda uses a banana which causes bleeding from the vagina. The Hot Nights of Linda is erotic and also psychotic, but it is so well worth the watch for Franco fans, especially since the last few blu rays I seen were not some of his better works, this clearly is. This is clearly a man who went film to film and sometimes doing that while filming two at the same time, that each film really feels like they did not have his full attention or passion. Linda is an exception for the simple fact that this film is so fucking odd that while it plays on you scratch your head just how far this ride can go, and when it gets there, you are left wondering why he went that far. This is a purchase if you get the third disc especially, while some stuff is blurred, it is still pretty much a more X version of a film that left me scratching my head and lost for words so much that I have to go back and re-visit it.

7.5 out of 10