Movie Review-Static 3D


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Review-Static is a different kind of home invasion film. And I know before I go any further, we have been flooded with quite a few home invasion films lately, so a film like Static is a welcome relief of sorts because it takes a premise and sort of puts a spin on it. The film centers on a couple Jonathan who is a famous writer and his wife Addie. On the surface they look like your ordinary couple until we find out that the lost their 3 year old son and are still grieving over the loss. The film shows us that despite this tragedy, they are trying very hard to get their lives back together. Where the film and most importantly the script shine is that, this is not one of those deals where it is all healed up in seconds, I mean this is a fragile handled situation that seems like Addie is constantly angry at Jonathan and is so paranoid that the loss is destroying their marriage and her husband’s faithfulness to her. Almost immediately while they are at home a young woman bangs on their door claiming to be their neighbor saying that her car broke down, and that on the way over here there were people outside in survivalist masks after her. On the surface what I am describing sounds like almost any other film like this, but trust me this film is nothing like them. The film does go cliché at times, like the car that won’t start the cellphones that do not work and the one wait here and the other one goes ordeal. This film for the first hour is very tense and will have you on the edge of your seat. The actors and script really worked and created such an atmosphere that you felt you had to see how this could end up. The negative to this film is what happens from the hour mark to the end. I just did not like the way it wrapped up this story, and that they took all the elements that I loved in the first hour and really went with a frantic pace to try and keep the suspense going. This film did not need the clichés but we expect those from this kind of film. I did not mind those as much as I minded that the film seemed to throw us an ending that I know people will be on the fence about, some will love it others will not, but I felt that this ending was just cheap. A film that really had so much going for it, just had to end like this? And, when we get the explanation it is even worst. I get that they were trying to give us a indie film with a Hollywood ending that everyone leaves this experience happy, but I just feel they should have kept up the suspense and dark mood of the film and ended a little more smartly. I did not hate this film, and I would watch it again but compared to a film like You’re Next, this film is not even close and that is sad. Sad because the film in the first hour had me following, on the edge of my seat and excited. After that first hour, this film just went into desperate mode and tried to find a way to end that would leave the audience wondering if they should have seen it coming, and go back and see if they can see the clues.

7.5 out of 10