Movie Review-Shiver


Review-I remember in 2003 watching a small film called The Last Horror Movie and really having a blast and thinking director Julian Richards was going to be the next big thing. After a few small films Julian has returned with a somewhat interesting film. Shiver is a film that horror fans are going to be seriously torn on. After watching this film, I am torn. The plot is fairly simple enough it involves a young secretary who becomes a victim of a killer but she finds a way to escape. The killer is obsessed and kidnaps her and she is now the guinea pig to some psychological and physical stuff. One thing is for sure, the film has the muscle in the cast to carry this film. Danielle Harris plays Wendy who is the obsession of killer John Jarratt. You have other stars like Casper Van Dien and Rae Dawn Chong who was sick of waiting for the script for Quest for Fire 3D or Commando 2-Homefront. All jokes aside, the film has an interesting story about a lonely man who becomes a psychopath almost out of the depression for being alone. When he gets that rejection, he takes it out on the poor women. The film does not let up on bloodshed, cutting heads off, and taking the heads and making trophies for his sick collection. With Wendy he meets his match, a woman who fights back and when it is Harris what more do you expect? I feel these are the roles that Harris seems to call her bread and butter. She can do these roles with her eyes shut. I know with Jarratt they are trying to make him some kind of cult figure, and I feel that was a fail. I did not mind Harris sleepwalking thru another film, because as fans we all expect Danielle these days just to pick up roles just to keep on cashing in on her name. I think the film seems too much like every other film in this genre. Nothing really stood out as coming outside the box. I wish someone would really do something different with Danielle Harris. The sad part, Among Friends she even showcased what she could do that was not the same old stuff. I am so sick of this role, but again the film had so much to enjoy. It had a good tense feel and some really good moments that will keep fans smiling. But, if you have seen The Collector, or films in that ilk you witnessed this film. I just expect this film from the director of The Last Horror Show to really be something, and I felt instead of a roar it was a whimper. I liked enough of this to barely give it a passing mark and recommend you guys to watch, but the film at times does get boring and by the end you are almost happy it is over and that you will not have to watch it again. This is a sign of when horror starts to wear thin and feel like no-one can think up an original idea anymore.

6 out of 10