Movie Review-Red Clover


Coming out on October 22nd

Review-Before I review this, I have some questions. First off, I am a fan of the After Dark Horror Fest and wish they would have released more films, especially for this time of the year. I miss the original concept of 8 Films to Die For. Question two, when will the After Dark films get some blu ray love? Question three, as much as I like some of the originals in the After Dark new marketing plan, why do most of them have to go thru a title change to hit home video? Case in point is Leprechaun’s Revenge which is now known as Red Clover. Originally released as a Syfy original film and now an After Dark Original, this film basically follows the path of films like Husk, 51 and The Task and that is to be released on free tv first then put on dvd later. Red Clover which to be honest, I wish they would have stuck with LR as the title has an identity crisis. The first 45 minutes are pretty much a horror film that seems to want to be serious and get fans to get behind it, the second half of the film well it just seems that everyone gave up and threw it all in the wind and hoped something would stick. Anytime you get a film that boasts a kill of a leprechaun driving and hitting someone you kind of get a clue of what this film is going to offer you. I feel with the WWE throwing us Leprechaun origins this year that maybe Lionsgate should have held out on the release to closer to that date. The acting in this film, well let’s be honest when Billy Zane is your top billed star who has not mattered since Titanic, you know what to expect. He plays the sheriff who is more clueless than Barney Fife in Mayberry. The film is more cheesy fun than comic, this film has a keen taste for the absurd and it gives you a slice every scene in this film. There is a scene when he talks to his daughter about how her mom died that has to be seen and heard to be believed. Who wrote this script and who told Zane to overact it so badly? The film is light on the storytelling, because if you are looking for a plot into this film, let me just say you have a small town that brought a leprechaun over from Ireland and took advantage of it and robbed it of all its lock so they could prosper and have great wealth in good rushes. Well many many moons pass and now the leprechaun is awakened and wants revenge. The film has some fun kills and goes by so fast that it is completely a cheesy harmless little late night snack. As far as the Syfy films are concerned this is a better than usual one. I felt as the film went on and the absurdity kept on, the film started to get better for me. I mean, I admit I was a fan of the Leprechaun series with Warwick, hell I even liked the Hood one. This film I feel is probably better than the bigger budget one in the future by WWE. This film has a personality of an annoying relative who you just cannot seem to shut off but they humor you in some of what they spew. This film as a whole, was fun for the most part, eye-rolling for the better part, but I can see myself depressed or bored one night putting it back in and having a good time with it again.

7 out of 10