Movie Review-Nothing Left to Fear


Coming out this Tuesday

Review-The plot of this film is based on the actual place of Stull, Kansas which people claim to be some kind of gateway to hell. Well, a family is in search of greener pastures in life and they go to this small town and they meet an off man of the cloth. One of the main selling points to this film is that ex-Guns-n-Roses guitarist Slash is involved with the production of it. I went into this film just wanting to like it more than I actually did. The film is not bad, it is just such an odd and strange film that I feel they tried way too hard, and the film suffers for it. This film is like going to a 2 star restaurant that have 5 star ingredients thinking they can pull off a 5 star meal. At times, I found myself so confused and wondering what it was that I was watching. I feel this film needed some structure, you can tell that almost everyone behind the scenes were not really sure what they were shooting for with this film. This film has the pacing of a pregnant snail, and to get to anything remotely scary you have to go thru a ton and I mean a ton of useless dialogue that just seems to go nowhere. There is a scene in the beginning when the family gets out of the vehicle and the daughter has a conversation briefly with her dad about her name that just sounded like they were working on the roles as they were filming the scene. The family unit never really seemed to gel to me, either did the feel of the film. I mean, you can tell the heart and determination was there. Certain elements of this film were very brag worthy, but there was so much about this film that was anything but brag-worthy. This film just does not seem to want to move forward or scare us, it just seems to stay in place for an hour and it just becomes so boring waiting because the film desperately needed some horror elements to keep it interesting while we waited for this film to find itself.
The last 30 minutes of the film were frustrating because that is when it started to take off, and things do pick up and get some scare elements that keep you involved. This frustrated me because I felt they needed it sooner and more. I felt this film had a good premise once you see it unravel you really see that this film may be a start to bigger things. This film had potential, it had a great mood and some cool imagery, the acting tried, at times it really worked and at others you just get annoyed because you want something horror wise to happen. The film is so ambitious; that I feel with more experience Slash and crew will get these issues taken care of. For a first time project, I have seen a lot worst with bigger budgets and names behind them, but this film god I did not want to hate this film but I cannot recommend it either.

4 out of 10