Movie Review-Jug Face


Coming to home video this Tuesday

Review-Jug Face is the kind of horror film that harkens back to the 70’s when horror at the time in the rise of films like The Exorcist and past films like Rosemary Baby were more character driven. Those films that depending on how you react to the characters and the story they are trying to convey to you, is what you will get out of the viewing. To me, the best kind of horror is effectively simple, but also needing of a solid story and very believable characters, which Jug Face has. Chad Craword Kinkle if anything else has patience and let’s his characters and the story speak for itself. The film centers on Ada who is part of a backwoods family who seem to be out of touch with reality. She believes in this mysterious hole or pit in the middle of nowhere that she thinks offers them some kind of protection. Things get odd when Dawai enters the picture who is just a simple potter who lives in this shack. He goes into this almost demonic like trance and creates jugs; well this time he makes a jug that has the face of Ada. While all this is going on she gets pregnant from her brother Jessaby and she is now trying to save her baby by not letting anyone know the truth about what happened. This film is not for everyone, some will find it slow and some may be really into it and want to see how it unfolds, and for them the film really is strong in its storytelling and what the actors and actresses all involved pull off. This film tends to focus on blind faith, and the film really is more supernatural based then reality which I feel works in its favor. In the opening minutes of the film you feel like you are watching a drama, but this film starts to wrap you into its storytelling where you see things unfolding for Ada, and have to see how it plays out just because she is so captivating and really sells her role. Jug Face is that film that seems to try and satisfy all fans. Whether it is the gore hounds, it has the blood moments that fans will be smiling. Whether it is the old school fans, it gives you such a well written tale of supernatural, incest, and beliefs that when Sean Young who uses a cigarette to Ada to make her confess you are not only cringing but you are so astonished that they pulled off this scene and it worked so effectively. And the much hyped about ending really seemed to be the icing on the cake of a film that I am flat out blown away by how much I loved this story. This is a film that the ones who watch it will enjoy it and the ones who do not will miss out on. This really is flat out one of the best indies I have seen this year. What a beautifully told film that is both brutal and subtle at the same time.

8.5 out of 10