Movie Review-Horror Stories


Review- Artsploitation Films has been on a roll lately. Wither and Hidden in the Woods look to be on a ton of critics top ten best lists, and now comes this South Korean anthology that really shows me a studio that is daring, brave and ready to really change how fans view horror. The film opens with a young girl being kidnapped; she is tied up and abducted by a serial killer. After the opening minutes the killer seems to let her loose and wants her to tell him a scary story because that is the only way he can fall asleep. Well, if the story is not scary enough the other way to fall asleep for him involves her blood. I have to be honest, I was shocked at how captivating and scary each story was. I was expecting a weak link to this film like a story that did not give me what the others did, but each story in its own weird way was just as good as the one before it, if not better.

The first story is a take on kids alone and a killer who is delivering a package for their mom lurking around their apartment like a shark on the scent of blood. The kicker to this story is that it is such a mind bender as it goes on, because the story is told, and re-told in so many ways that when we get to the finale of the story, it was like getting off a wild ride. It delivered a punch and really will scare most parents who leave their kids alone.
The Second Story is a really cool take on a slasher airplane ride. A prisoner boards an empty plane with some FBI Agents and he sees a nail like object on the ground and kills them and gets free to cause mayhem to the crew of the flight. This takes an interesting turn when he has visions of a woman who may have been a victim of his who haunts him. I really enjoyed this one because it was so bloody and violent, and really had you guessing how it could end up.
By this point I found myself trying to piece the stories together or find the central meaning to them. But story three is what throws me in a loop.
Story Three is something that as a horror fan I am always craving, and it is a unique idea and something different. I feel if I talk too much about it, it will spoil it for you guys. The less you know, the better it will be. I will say this it is unpredictable and very brag-worthy, and to see how this plays out is worth the rental or purchase.
The last two stories involve a zombie outbreak and the ending story that leaves us wanting more and glad the sequel is coming.
I will not put this up there with Creepshow, but I will put this one notch above Theatre Bizarre. It was something fresh and fun, and will keep you guys and gals happy and craving more.

This film is all the proof that you need that if you are not paying attention to this label, you really need to. I am impressed a lot by this anthology and hopefully you guys will be as well.

8 out of 10