Movie Review-Fright Night 2: New Blood


Review-Let’s get this out of the way, the remake of Fright Night I feel was not as bad of a movie as some did. I feel people hate the concept more of a remake of one of their favorite films more than the actual film itself. Now, I am not sitting here telling you that film was a classic either; I am just saying it was a decent rental. When I first heard that we are getting a sequel, I was confused to say the least. I mean I know Hills Have Eyes and Piranha went that route and made a sequel off the remake that I felt were what remakes of the sequels? A part of me also questioned why Fright Night? Did the original do that good of business on home video? Well whatever the case we have the sequel, and I am here to say even though it has all new people in the roles, it was not a bad film at all. I will do one better; this is one of the bigger shocks of this year. Fright Night 2: New Blood feels like the first remake did not happen. So, I am not sure if this is a sequel or maybe a retelling of the original yet again. Charley Brewster and his buddy Evil Ed are back and this time they are in Romania on a field trip. Charlie is trying to woo his ex-girlfriend Amy who is along with them to study in this new location. This time around it is not the neighbor Charley thinks is a vampire; it is their professor Gerri Dandrige. This film really does so much right, from the gore and it gives you a lot of it, to the casting of Jaime Murray as the new vampire. She was the love interest Lila of Dexter on Season 2 and she was also in The Deaths of Ian Stone. I feel what Colin lacked in the first remake, she really makes up for. She has a personality, comic appeal and also she seems to nod towards the old school when Vampires were sexy and yet scary. Another huge positive if you take Murray out of the equation, is that this is some fresh young talent that really take full advantage of a film like this and trying to make it fun for fans of this genre and also this franchise. The negatives to this film are almost nit picking, but I was not a fan of Peter Vincent almost feeling like a non-entity till the last 15 minutes of the film. Peter Vincent does provide a few funny one liners and I feel he is the only one in the film that does get to spew those. Another negative, is that since when do they have a class that feels like it takes place in the middle of the night? The film also feels uneven at times, the storytelling is slow but yet the action sequences and kill scenes race. I hate that they do not acknowledge anything about the first remake and it feels like it is both a sequel at times but the first film all over again as well. All that aside, this was a fun film for the most part and really had some very cool moments that Fright Night fans have been waiting for since the end of the first film in the 80’s. I easily feel this is the superior of the sequels and blows away the other Fright Night 2. Hell, it blows away the first remake as well. I feel Murray should have been a bigger star by now; she really delivers and compliments this young cast. This film is nothing short of a fun roller coaster ride that you are going to really enjoy yourself.

8 out of 10