Movie Review-Curse of Chucky


Coming out on Tuesday

Child’s Play has been around since 1988, and it has been what 9 years since we last visited with our serial killer good guy doll. Here we are in 2013, and after rumors of a remake for a few years we are welcomed with a new chapter of the franchise. The first thing that is different is this is the first Chucky to be direct to video, which may worry some. The second thing that is different they seemed to have ditched the comic feeling the last two films have had. The last thing that is different, this is the best Child’s Play since the original. Why this film did not get a theater run is a crying shame, because it is so well made I feel it would have made some coin at the movie house. The film opens up with a mother and daughter, the daughter Nica is a reclusive who is in a wheelchair and a mother who is so scared she will get hurt if she does anything outside of the house, like talking to the mailman. The mailman drops them off a package which inside is a brand new good guy Chucky doll. They have no idea who mailed this to them, or the horror that this doll can cause. The first night the doll is in the house, mom is found dead by Nica. Well, the family gather for a family get-together after the funeral and it turns out this family is a little dysfunctional. Nica’s sister Barb wants her to sell her part of the house to save her from her financial woes. Along with Barb, is her husband Ian, daughter Alice the nanny Jill and the family priest.This film has so many nods to both Hammer and Hitchcock with some of its clever camera angles and situations. When the power goes out in the house which is three stories, you have a woman confined to a wheelchair with no elevator to go upstairs and save her family and she is left to scoot up the stairs. The kills in this film are not as campy as the last few films, though the one-liners that Brad spews as Chucky are funny in a very morbid way. This film also gives us more into the backstory of Charles Lee Ray and what he was doing before he became Chucky and why this family was chosen. This film has such a slow methodical pace, that you are constantly wondering what is going to happen to who. An example is the dinner scene, you know Chucky put rat poison in one of the bowls of chili and this film creates such an atmosphere where you are trying to guess which one. This film with the Chucky action seems to really build it up to make it mean something. This film is dark, cruel and very fun. Brad’s daughter Fiona Dourif plays Nica and she really gives us a star making performance. If Child Play made Brad Dourif a name, I feel this film may do the same thing for his daughter. This film has such a clever script that really embraces the franchise, makes the actors/ actresses shine and also offer us a glimpse of what could be coming from it. I am just so glad that they did not make the remake like what has been rumored. This film has some very cool twists and turns that as a Chucky fan you will have fun with. If you are a Child’s Play fan, this time they respected all of us and gave us a film that really gave this franchise some new blood and may get fans excited again. Fright Night 2 and now Curse of Chucky, talk about a shocker two direct to video sequels that really were better than 80 percent of what is at the multiplex passing as horror.

9 out of 10