Movie Review-Complicity


Review-Complicity opens up with a classroom, almost in a John Hughes sort of way, where all the kids go thru the motions of being bored then come to life once the bell rings. The film revolves around a party at Shannon’s house while her parents are gone. During this party of excess booze, drugs and loud music Kim runs into the bathroom. When Shannon runs in after her to see what is wrong that is when we find out that Dylan who is the stereotypical long haired goth kid who is sort of a loner, a silent outcast raped Kim. When Shannon finds out this news, they decide to chase everyone out of the party except for Shannon’s exclusive friends who confront this situation with Dylan. Dylan of course denies it and gets beat up by the football jock, and then they kill him with a knife. With Dylan dead, the group freak out and decide if they want to ruin their lives and hope for college, or just bury the body and pretend it never happened. Complicity is a boring and bland film. The characters are all within the lines of all the other characters in all films like this. There is no tension and it felt more like a bad high school play than an actual film. At times, when the group is fighting it looks like they are having trouble believing in the material themselves. You have a guy who is videotaping all this going down including the murder of Dylan, and he does not notice that he does not have the camera anymore? The rape scene was a joke; it looks like an episode of Teen Mom on MTV. And, it was never explained more about what did happen in that room. I mean the film opens up a lot of questions and never answers them. It builds Kim up to have some kind of secret or issue, but it never addresses it or talks about it. The ending, I could not make heads or tails of. They decided to go for some smart feeling poetic epic ending that was so lame and odd, that I found myself asking myself what any of it meant. The film seems to end almost in a mystery and that this film really was nothing more than a waste of time. It gives you so much that you want to see how it will unfold, but it leaves all of it hanging. This film seemed to travel at this slow turtle pace, that felt like they were going for soap opera more than a film. This could be the pilot of a show on the CW. There is not one thing about this film that I could recommend, because they build up a ton of things but never deliver on any of them. This film just felt like a unfinished idea, that needs some tweaking and a more believable script with better acting. Sean Young gets top billing and is only in this film for less than 4 minutes.

1.5 out of 10