Movie Review-Bring Me The Head of the Machine Gun Woman


Disclaimer-The following review is the words and feelings of James DePaolo only and does not reflect any of the other writers at Wicked Channel.

Review-Holy fucking shit is Bring me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman a fun film. Directed by Chilean writer and director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza this film is exploitation done right, very right. If you are familiar with Ernesto’s past films Mandrill and Mirageman, then you know what to expect with his style, if not think of an art house style with a very over the top passion. Fernanda Urrejola right now I will say is incredible and will have fanboys remembering her name well after the credits end. The woman resembles sexiness with her outfits having more weapons then actual clothing. This woman is nothing short of an ass kicking death notice as she flows thru this film in a bath of blood, bullets and lust. The plot of this film funny enough at first does not revolve around the Machine Gun Woman, but a guy named Santiago. He is a slacker who lives with his mom and plays video games too much. He seems to get mixed up with a mob boss who used to date the Machine Gun Woman and he lies to the boss that he can find the woman. So, Santiago takes his love for video games and is out to try and get her. This film takes a video game approach as Santiago must complete a few smaller deals to get to finding her. The car driving sequences do seem to favor Grand Theft Auto, in not so much a ripping off but almost as homage. For the budget of this film and the fact that it was filmed in shortly after two weeks, it is simply jaw dropping astonishing. When the Machine Gun Woman comes into the play, the ride gets so much more wilder and you will have a grin across the face ear to ear, just from the simple fact that this film is so ballsy and really just delivers what we expect from an exploitation film. This film is violent, funny and also has a sex appeal to it that guys and gals will be talking a lot.


This film would be awesome as all fuck to see on the big screen. Fuck bringing me the head, bring me more films. This film after watching so much shit in the last few weeks has me passionate again about watching movies and blew me away in a way that reminded me why I love films so much. This film to say it is highly recommended and a great film seem small, because this film is so much more than that. After watching all those pseudo films like Cherry Bomb, it is about time a film maker brought us a film that is both sexy and dangerous. This is the film that brings the feeling of a great exploitation film to this new age. 2013 is the year of the Machine Gun Woman. Every other film on the market right now should pay attention; this is the film that is going to be a major deal when more people see it. Machine Gun Woman fucking rules, enough said.

10 out of 10