Movie Review-Bounty Killer


Review-Welcome to our future, the earth has been scorched; another war is being fought by the world’s big corporations. It seems like almost everything is being punished by death crime wise. Fear not, the Bounty Killers are hunting down those evil execs and business honchos. We meet Drifter and his former lover Mary Death, who are bounty killers and now they are in quite the jam, when they learn of a bounty on Drifter’s head, and now the two must confront the council and get this bounty lifted. The low budget feel of this film will determine if you are the fan this film can attract. To me, I felt at times it came across like a bad SYFY film and at others it felt like the early 80 straight to video cheapies like Mad Max or Lords of the Wasteland. This film paints a bleak picture that could be reality based, where corporations lust for total control and power and they take over the government. When they go thru this bombed out post-apocalyptic world, they make us believe this is some kind of one way journey almost like a suicide mission to go seek out the Council of Nine. This film is based upon a graphic novel and I bet the novel had to be really something special, because the basic story really sounds like a winner, I am just not sure if the director Henry Saine was really ready for quite a undertaking. His direction seems so un-even at times that you could almost think this film was really directed by a Ulli Lommel or a Uwe Boll. The dialogue in this film is pretty bad, even for indie standards. The CGI was horrible as well, and the gore we do get is ummmm ok. This film tries to be both homage to old school post-apocalyptic films and then a tongue in cheek parody, I felt if it went one direction and stuck with it, it would have worked so much more. This film though has some moments that made me glad I was watching it. What this film shines at is that it is trashy cheap B movie cheese. This film needed more energy and passion, you almost feel all involved with this film did not want to be there. This film is the equivalent of being hungry and eating candy. It tastes good, but you know it will just curb your appetite while you still crave food. This film is fun at times to watch, but in the end you just want to forget you seen it, and concentrate on the next film you will watch. I feel that the film could shine on SYFY late at night at a college frat party.

4.5 out of 10