Movie Review-4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker


Review-Someone asked me last week about Blogging and is it fun or not. My answer is that when something is fun to experience it does not seem like work, you just talk passionately about something. When you review something that was not so much a fun time or an average time, this gets to feel like a job and you have to wear the critical hat. 4 Dead Girls is a film that on paper seems like a win, and I bet even when filming was starting that all involved thought they were going to make something special. On paper, if you told me there is a horror film about Four young college women who need to find a place to stay, and that it has a horror element, I would intrigued. I mean indie small horror films to me with females who are trying to get their name out there, you will almost 9 times out of 10 see a woman give you something to talk about. Well, when the four women move into this place they find out the landlord is an evil character named The Soultaker. He kills evil women and feeds on their souls to earn power. Now, only two of the women in the house are evil. Well, they are manipulative bitches the other two are prudish little innocent chicks. If you think you know the way is going to play out, you may be right. This film is so predictable, and that pissed me off so bad. I mean they have an interesting concept, they have a hook the men and women could be interested in. For men, the eye candy and for women the empowerment that woman can fight evil off as well. It delivers on the sleaze and blood, but it also delivers on just pure boredom. This film tries to keep the story going in a fast paced but when you know how each turn and scene will go and end, I just wish they would have put so much more thought into this film. The Soultaker is one of the lamest horror enemies in a long time. I would put him up there with that other dildo Mr. Hush. And what is the deal these days with the killer having to watch his victims have sex? I mean this has been going on since the dawn of horror, but it always irked me. Is that when we are vulnerable and the killer wants to rub one off or think about joining in? You can tell they were shooting on the cheap, because from the dialogue to the scenery, I am to guess the budget had to be close to a couple tanks of gas. I did not mind the women; they played the perfect stereotypical woman role perfectly. We had woman one who was a lesbian, woman two is a cheating girlfriend, woman three is a sweet as pie girl and number four you guessed it is a piece of shit slut. The women were not the issue with the film; it was that they did not have much to work with. The enemy was awful and killed this experience. If he got a paycheck from this film he should donate it to the acting playhouse in his area and beg them to give acting lessons on the cheap. This is not the worst film I have seen this year or this week, (thanks Complicity for winning that honor) but this makes blogging suck because I have to watch films like this. The comedy element of this film was not funny to me, and I think I have a decent sense of humor. I mean I did put this dvd in my player as opposed to using it as a coaster for my drink. The humor in this film was like a Mr. Hush delivery and a bad indie comedy tone. The women again in this film are worth a watch, just to get a little skin but if you are looking for anything other than that, well you may get better dialogue in the Farrah Abraham’s porn tape.

3 out of 10