Metal Review: Valkyrja: The Antagonist’s Fire (2013)

Valkyrja The Antagonist's FireSwedish black metal outfit Valkyrja is back with their third full-length release, “The Antagonist’s Fire,” almost three years after the release of “Contamination.” The band consists of members of Ondskapt and Diabolical, who are respected in their own realms as well, but for my tastes, I really like what Valkyrja does.

The album opens up with Betrayal Incarnate, which becomes a dark, ominous piece with a brilliantly sinister atmosphere. As the song gets into it full length, the speed increases as we would expect from the band. By the time, The Cremating Fire begins, we are full into frantic mode with the blistering speed and drum work of J. Wallgren. The Cremating Fire also introduces some subtle nuances to their vocal approach which work really well.

Madness Redeemer goes back to a more mid-tempo sound and focuses on S.W.’s vocals to set the mood with this bulldozer while songs like offer a dirty, grimy glimpse into the band. Of course, you still have plenty of good old black metal to sink your teeth into as well.

The Antagonist’s Fire” will drop on November 11, 2013, so black metal fans need to add this to their collection. I think that most extreme metal fans will find something in here that will make it worthy of your collection. Hails to Valkyrja.

The Antagonist’s Fire Track Listing:
1. Betrayal Incarnate
2. The Cremating Fire
3. Madness Redeemer
4. Yearn to Burn
5. Eulogy (Poisoned, Ill and Wounded)
6. Season of Rot
7. Treading the Path of the Predator

Valkyrja Line-up:
S.W. – Guitars, Vocals
A.L. – Vocals
J. Wallgren – Drums
V.P. – Bass
Thelberg – Guitars

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