Metal Review: Pyrexia: Feast of Iniquity (2013)

Pyrexia Feast of Iniquity

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New York death metal outfit Pyrexia is back with “Feast of Iniquity” to satisfy the fans wanting some brutal death metal. Their latest effort will be available October 29, 2013 via Unique Leader Records.

Drummers (yes, you heard my right – there are 2 drummers) Doug “Bones” Bohn and Dave Culross show that they are no slouches when it comes to bashing the skins. The drumwork on Cocoon of Shame alone is worth the price of admission.

Thy Minion is a standout track with a bit of a groove that plays through the song. The riffs are brutal and the use of multiple vocals is spot on. Panzer Tank Lobotomy is another track that survives on its wicked groove. Both of these tracks offer a nice break from the frenetic pace that the remainder of the album relies on.

Tracks like Wheel of Impunity are straight forward chargers that could break down any wall with their ferocious sounds. The galloping double bass is just in addition to the shredding tone used by guitarist Chris Basile whose axe is crisp and sharp whereas a lot of today’s death metal acts are focusing on more of a sludgy sound.

Overall, “Feast of Iniquity” is a brutal trip on a runaway train headed for the bowels of head and you will find yourself wanting to get on board. My only complaint is 10 songs and 31 minutes. Come on guys. Bring it. We can handle it. Seriously though, “Feast of Iniquity” needs to be in your collection.

Feast of Iniquity Track Listing:
1. The Pendulum
2. Infliction
3. Death Wish
4. Cocoon of Shame
5. Cryptic Summoning
6. Thy Minion
7. Wheel of Impunity
8. Panzer Tank Lobotomy
9. Born of a Jackal
10. The Feast

Pyrexia Line-up:
Shaun Kennedy – bass
Chris Basile – guitars
Eric Shute – vocals
Doug “Bones” Bohn – drums
Dave Culross – drums