Metal Review: Death Angel: The Dream Calls For Blood (2013)

Death Angel The Dream Calls For Blood

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San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal veterans Death Angel are back with their seventh full-length studio album “The Dream Calls For Blood,” an opus that further cements their return to the classics 80’s thrash sound that they helped create. 2010’s “Relentless Retribution” was exactly that – relentless retribution to break back into the thrash scene that they were so crucial in during its inception. Their previous releases still contained remnants of The Organization and Swarm, two post Death Angel projects that found ex-members branching off into other forms of alternative rock. Both of these began after the release of “Act III,” which contained a few of their classic songs, but too much variety for its time.

The Dream Calls For Blood,” as did its predecessor, is straight thrash metal with no excuses. They push the pedal to the medal and never take their foot off of your throat through its entire run time, which is barely over 45 minutes (but who’s counting?).

The album bursts out of the gate with one of the best tracks on the album, Left For Dead, which is an impressive way to open up. Son of the Morning is no less effective, but perhaps a bit more melodic especially from vocalist Mark Osegueda. Fallen sounds like it has the potential to be a mainstay for the band live.

The title track, The Dream Calls For Blood, shows that Rob Cavestany is indeed a riff master. There is some precision riff work going on in this track (amongst others). Succubus is another full on assault as is Detonate.

Regardless of my feelings of loving “Act III” and some of their more experimental work, the fact of the matter is that the fans are clamoring for classic thrash songs similar to Left For Dead and Fallen. Death Angel has recognized this and are a stronger band for it. This should never diminish their experimental days though.

The Dream Calls For Blood Track Listing:
01. Left For Dead
02. Son of the Morning
03. Fallen
04. The Dream Calls For Blood
05. Succubus
06. Execution – Don’t Save Me
07. Caster of Shame
08. Detonate
09. Empty
10. Territorial Instinct / Bloodlust
11. Heaven and Hell (digipak bonus track)