Metal Review: Darkmoon Warrior: Nuke ‘Em All (2013)

Darkmoon Warrior Nuke Em AllEberswalde, Brandenburg, Germany’s Darkmoon Warrior is back with their style of punk infused black metal on “Nuke ‘Em All,” and if you have heard the band in the past, you will recognize that they are pretty unique in their approach. Formed in 1996, the band, fronted by A. Krieg, is all about the darkness and chaos from their lyrics to their instrumental work.

Darkmoon Warrior has a retro underground feel to their music and “Nuke ‘Em All” is no different. The album opens with the always family friend Fuck Off and the chaos begins until the last note on “Nuke ‘Em All.” The second track, “Satanification,” has such a classic black metal feel to it. Grommon’s guitar lines are chilling with their black metal feel and punky when things speed up a little.

The Call is my standout track right now with its infectious groove and great verse melody. The riffs power this track through the verses. The song does switch gears at times, but the groove is what makes this track so nice.

Overall, “Nuke ‘Em All” is a no-brainer to add to your collection. It hits several nerves and satisfies fan of multiple genres.

Nuke ‘Em All Track Listing:
1. Fuck Off
2. Satanification
3. The Call
4. Black Tongues And Rusty Nails
5. Nuke ’em All
6. Storm Of Feces
7. Waves Of Salvation
8. Soul On Fire

Darkmoon Warrior Line-up:
L.U.X. – Drums
Grommon – Guitars
A. Krieg – Vocals, Bass