Frightened at the Thought

Frightened at the Thought

By Rayzilla

Horror films are fun. They are both revealing and exploratory. They allow us to peer into the darkness from a safe distance and yet, experience something dreadful. Yeah, horror films are fun.

I started my obsession with the genre at a very young age. While many of my friends were athletic, I went to the movies constantly. I read the horror magazines of the day and even starting going to conventions by the time I was 12 years old. I truly made an effort to study and absorb the genre.  I entered college determined to become a TV/film director with the hopes of making horror films one day.

Fast forward a decade or two as I became a key movie developer for most of those crazy films made by the Syfy Channel.  My dream came true! I was making horror & monster movies! It was a great fun but after 20 years I needed to explore new horizons.

Now why am I telling you all this? Because less than a year later I find myself knee-deep again in the genre that I’ve made my life’s work. The difference this time is that I’m in front of the camera. I’ve adopted the nickname I earned over my years “Rayzilla” and am now the host of SCREAMBOX the first subscription horror channel on YouTube.

It’s been a blast for me because I feel that I can take all that I’ve learned from the genre and pass it along. I’ve developed a set of criteria or “goals of horror” that I believe are necessary when attempting to make or present a horror film and you’ll hear me quote these things often in the movie reviews found at SCREAMBOX.

One thing for me (not just as a fan of horror films but now as a presenter of them), is that SCREAMBOX provides the ultimate platform for the genre to be enjoyed. That means no commercial interruptions to bounce you out of the horror. Even great shows like “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story” are saddled with lengthy disruptive commercial breaks. Plus their actual content is constantly being shortened to make room for more unwanted promos and commercials. This is wrong. Horror as a means of storytelling cannot accomplish what it needs to accomplish with such interruptions. Horror relies on moments of dread, terror and suspense. These elements become lost the moment the show goes to a commercial break. Even hitting the FF button on your DVR is a distraction. For me as a fan, horror simply doesn’t work in this format. If you are paying a fee for something you should see it presented properly. This philosophy of horror is something that we bring to our work at SCREAMBOX.

It’s also incredibly important that we build a “Horrortorium”. A library of horror titles that spans not only the decades but different cultures as well. American cinema is not the “be-all, end-all” for horror and while other cable horror outlets shy away from foreign horror films, that sort of segregation will not go on at SCREAMBOX.

The last bonus for me in all this is that I get to reach out to horror fans on a more personal level than I did when I was with Syfy. There was no real exchange between the execs and the viewers like there is today. I love being on Facebook and Twitter and hearing from the fans and subscribers. Right now we’re hosting a big 31 Days of Horror Giveaway Event that includes chances to win free SCREAMBOX subscriptions & all sorts of cool prizes. You can find it here:

As for me? In 2014 I plan to travel around the country to meet with fans at conventions, talk about the genre and spend all my money on toys, t-shirts and movie posters. Oh yeah…and to spread the word about SCREAMBOX!

Here’s Screaming at you,

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  • Nikki Taylor

    This is so true! It is hard to really enjoy and get swept away into the fantasy when there’s a commercial every 5 minutes.