TV Review-The Guild: Complete Megaset DVD


Coming to DVD this Tuesday

THE GUILD, the pioneering and award-winning web series, is finally available in a complete box set! Follow The Knights of Good, a band of online video game players, who are addicted to a fictitious MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Role Playing Game). Codex (Felicia Day), recently dumped by both her boyfriend and therapist, is completely thrown when her Guild member Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh) shows up on her doorstep. This sets off a chain reaction that brings all the Guildies together offline for the first time. They include Clara (Robin Thorsen), whose gaming comes before the needs of her husband and kids; Tink (Amy Okuda), the secretive college student who keeps people at arms’ length with lethal barbs both on and offline; Bladezz (Vincent Caso), a self-proclaimed ladies’ man who’s barely out of puberty; and the hilariously intractable and infamously frugal Guild Leader Vork (Jeff Lewis).

Follow the Guildies through six seasons, from pirate-themed burger joint exploits, to a gaming convention road trip, and even INTO the video game! The Guild must stay strong through it all, even as a rival Guild, Axis of Anarchy, headed by their leader, Fawkes (Wil Wheaton), threatens to take them down. Included in this set are all the show’s iconic music videos, behind the scenes for every season, full scripts and more! Highlighting the best of Geek culture, including a slew of recognizable fan favorites (like Simon Helbig, Nathan Fillion and Stan Lee), THE GUILD is one of the most innovative and hilarious web series to date.

By Melissa DePaolo

For the first time, Seasons 1- 5 takes the Guildies out from behind their computers and on a road trip to an epic fan convention, MegaGame-O-RamaCon! Codex (Felicia Day, Dr. Horrible s Sing-Along Blog, Dragon Age: Redemption) tries to rally the Guildies to action when she overhears upsetting news about The Game. Bladezz tries to make money with his Cheesybeard s pirate alter-meme-ego, while Vork is starstruck by his boyhood crush, sci-fi heroine Madeleine Twain (Erin Gray, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century). Meanwhile, Clara tries to make friends with a snooty Steampunk trio, Tink hides from her past and Zaboo joins up with Halo s Master Chiefs… wha?!

This unrated DVD includes all 12 episodes from Season 5 featuring special guest stars Nathan Fillion, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner and more! Plus exclusive bonus material never before seen on the internet.

If you haven’t seen The Guild Seasons 1-5, go watch them. They’re hilarious and streaming on Netflix. Season 5 picks up immediately where Season 4 ended. The Guildies are heading to MegaGame-O-Rama Con (based on conventions like Comic-Con, DragonCon, MegaCon, etc.). While Codex, played by Felicia Day, is play testing the new update to The Game (that’s the name of the game, not to be repetitive), she inadvertently expresses her displeasure with the new features to The Game’s creator. Meanwhile, Vork comes up with a plan with Bladezz to make money by exploiting his internet fame and Clara tries to make friends with a steampunk trio.

Just the facts: The DVD includes cast interviews; a feature on how to build a con; a steampunk verite feature; cast, director, and producer commentaries; a gag reel; a table read; and a PDF file.