Blu Ray Reviews-Idle Hands and Creepshow 2


Image Entertainment has decided to release two cult films finally on blu ray. Before we get started with the films themselves, let me help you with the double-dip question you may have. First off, the blu rays do not really offer anything in terms of new special features, but the transfers are very well done. Plus as horror fans you know it is that time of the year when we get the double dip teases with Halloween on the horizon and us being horror fans we have to have the best quality, and the be all end all copy of our favorite films or a film we may have seen once and was waiting for a proper release.

Review-Review-I remember in 1999 going to see Idle Hands in the theater with a date. This film in its initial release had one big pitfall; it came out within days of Columbine going down. So, I am not sure if it was a good idea after having that cloud on our society to have a film with teens depicting violence on other teens was a smart plan. Idle Hands is the story of Anton a lazy slacker teen whose life goals seem to be smoking pot and watching television. Who along with his friends Mick and Pnub are basically your typical 90’s slacker group that have no aspirations or cares in the world. We learn that there has been a series of murders going down in their small town, but things turn interesting when Anton finds out it is him who is doing the killing. Well sort of, his right hand is doing the killing. Confused, well the film tells us that Anton unbenowst to him was possessed by an evil spirit which seems to control his hand. We watch as Anton kills his parents and then his friends Mick and Pnub who come back as slacker zombies. Well, his hand has a mind of its own and decides to go after his girlfriend Molly, which Anton and his friends try to find a way to defeat his hand. To see this film again after 14 years made me laugh to think that people took it serious in its tone and message that it caused some kind of threat to the people who grieved. This film is parody in a way of Evil Dead, Re-Animator thrown in with some stoner laughs. Plus you get a young Seth Green, Devon Sawa and Jessica Alba who really have a fun time in this film. This film if it can be described by one word, it would be weird. This film has some good blood and horror moments which may frustrate some. This film tries to walk that fine line of being both funny and horror, at times it seems to work better than others. The pacing of the film at times is a bit frustrating, and you go into these periods that the film seems to drag a bit. The pluses as I said earlier are the performances by the young stars. It is a shock that all the above mentioned that Devon did not become a bigger name. Seth Green though does tend to steal all the scenes he is in, with his humor. As a whole, if you have the dvd I think you will be ok with that. If you never seen it before and are curious, I would say grab the blu ray this is the best transfer.

7 out of 10


Review-Creepshow 2 was my first introduction to the direct to dvd sequel craze. I remember seeing the trailer on a New World Pictures film and scratching my head why the movie theater never had it. Now, this is the part where I am supposed to tear this film apart like every other critic and fan seems to. But, I did not hate this film and now watching it on blu ray I have grown even fonder of this film. I mean, it is in no way close to the original but shit it is a million times better than the 3rd one. This anthology starts off with the story of Old Chief Woodn’head. Where this cigar store Indian statue comes to life when the owners of the store that has taken care of both the statue and the people in this town for so long are killed by some punks who are thinking they are going to Hollywood and become stars. This story I feel is very well told and when the Indian comes to life and kicks their asses and show them, make this short so fun and just a blast. While the acting leaves a lot to be desired, I felt the revenge aspect alone was worth the 20 plus minutes. The second story is called The Raft and it is my personal favorite Creepshow story in all 3 films. 2 couples go swimming to this little dock in the middle of the lake, but notice this black sludge in the water and soon they are trapped on this wood while the sludge circles them. This one is just so edge of your seat exciting and to watch them try to escape their fate is really fun to watch how it all plays out. The final as you can guess is called The Hitchhiker and will involve a zombie/undead entity. Like the first Creepshow this is the basic rich people being attacked by the result of their actions. In this case a rich woman who does a hit and run on a innocent hitchhiker. I mean let’s be honest, this was a smaller budget film funded by Roger Corman’s old studio, and you know that this cannot be as great or good as the original. But, for what it is this is not as bad as people make it out to be. This has 3 decent stories that will keep your attention, while the acting is not Oscar-worthy, I mean fuck this is horror and cheap at that, I feel this is a very good film and well worth the blu ray love it got. I wish that someone would have added some new features to it, but I am just glad I got to see this again and on blu ray to boot.

8 out of 10