31 Days of Terror: Happy Octoberfest!

Before I begin, let me explain this list I have provided. For years I have written a variety of lists for films to watch on Halloween for numerous websites. This year, I want to try something different. You’re not going to like every film on my list because it caters to a variety of horror fans. I wanted to compile a list that suits children, parents, and gore whores like myself.  Any of these films can be found on Netflix or your local video store. 31 days of October, 31 films to watch for each day. Lets rock.

1. The Exorcist 3

Everyone and their cat watches The Exorcist around Halloween. It’s scary and no one but true cinematic lovers actually pay attention to the plot development and characterization, not to mention the creepy score that makes it ten times scarier for us that do not have ADHD. HOWEVER, there are moments in this underrated sequel that will make you jump or scream, “ERRMERRGERZZZ!” You totally did not see that coming. Skip The Heretic with Linda Blair at all costs, watch Roller Boogie instead then finish with this…

2. In the Mouth of Madness


“Did I ever tell you my favorite color is blue?” If you’re a fan of Stephen King and HP Lovecraft then you will adore this mind-fuck of a movie that will completely alter your perception of reality.

3. Invasion of the Body Snatchers 78′

The black and white original may be a favorite to old-folkies but I grew up with this remake scaring the shit out of me. Donald Sutherland is a horror and sci/fi veteran that continually makes me weak at my knees. A young Jeff Goldbloom is also present with some of the finest acting I have ever seen in a horror film.

4. Father’s Day

A new addition making it’s way to the list is the ever so hilarious and gory Father’s Day. I cannot find the right words to summarize this flick within two sentences. However, I can use one word to describe this Troma film, EPIC! You can check out my full review on this website.

5. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Everyone always talks about how great and original Halloween is and one of my favorite child stars, Danielle Harris, stole my brother’s heart as the young weirdo wrapped in the chaos in two of the sequels, both good films. However, people seem to shit on the third installment because, “OMG Michael Myers isn’t in it!” That’s right. The Season of the Witch is about robots but guess what? These mother fuckers are hardcore and mean business. Their strategy is to wipe out the existence of adolescence throughout the entire world by making their heads fry and turn into mush with snakes and black goo rushing out…

6. Videodrome

An unusual journey asking you to consider the side effects of technology. The imagery in this cult classic will leave you traumatized for years. I still haven’t fully recovered. Nor have I been able to grasp what exactly it is that I am seeing. Videodrome is torture porn at it’s best.

7. Santa Sangre

Perhaps one of my favorite films of all time, straight out of Mexico. Santa Sangre confines flashbacks of a mentally disturbed serial killer’s traumatic journey as a child magician performing alongside his parents in a circus. The boy’s mother is a religious fanatic with jealousy issues that eventually pours acid on her husbands penis before getting her arms chopped off. The boy is admitted into a mental institution and doesn’t speak a word until his armless mother takes control of his life. As if he didn’t have a choice, he becomes his mother’s arms and goes on a killing spree. The visuals are stunning and the musical score is beautiful.

8. The Beyond

Considered one of the best and goriest Italian horror films of all time. It’s impossible to count all the, “Ewwwww’s.” A woman inherits an old hotel in Louisiana that has been built over one of the gateways to hell. Incredibly fascinating but gross tale. Avoid eating.

9. Jacob’s Ladder

Brilliant psychological horror film that dares to take a look into the hallucinations of a disturbed mind. It’s absolutely depressing and painful to watch but the hallucinations alone are reason enough to give it a chance.

10. Shaun of the Dead

Zombie comedy straight from the UK that will have you laughing so hard, tears will be running down your leg.

11. Re-Animator

If you ever wanted to see a decapitated head giving head and talking dirty to a hot naked lady, now is your chance.

12. The Descent

Incredibly scary and claustrophobic action tale with pints and pints of blood and vicious fiends.

13. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

If you’re in the mood for some Freddy action, it’s better to start off with the best in the series, Dream Warriors. This sequel takes place in a teen mental ward where the kids learn to fight back in their dreams and we see a little more of Freddy’s origins. These are some of the coolest death scenes I have seen on film.

14. The Lost Boys

Only one of the most stylish vampire flicks of all time with big hair, God awful wardrobes, and a killer soundtrack! I still drive around belting these songs.

15. Insidious

This is a great selection for n00b horror fans that are looking for spine-tingling PG-13 movies for their kids. Insidious gets mixed reviews but the music and imagery had me feeling a little uneasy and that’s hard to do.

16. Amityville 2: The Possession

Without a doubt my favorite from this fictional series. The house may not be haunted in real life but it’s interesting to question, “What if that man killed his family due to possession?” Serves as a prequel to the first and lightly depicts the actual real life murders.

17. Society

Never have I sat through a similar film with my mouth reaching for the floor. Society is sheer ‘what-the-fuckery’ that will rape your soul. It may be a while before you have sex again.

18. Carrie

Timeless classic that can never be replaced. Every inch of this psychological thriller is perfection.

19. Evil Dead 2

Downright silly and gory sequel to the adventurous Evil Dead that is inferior to the remake, although the remake wasn’t so terrible.

20. Martyrs

Compelling French film that revived my love for horror films. It’s rare that a new horror film comes along and sweeps me up from my feet. If you have never heard of or seen this film, watch it before researching or checking out the trailer. This is a work of art that’s best viewed when you have no idea what you’re in for.

21. Zombieland

Another zombie comedy only this time we have Twinkies and a batch of rules that are crucial to surviving the zombie Apocalypse. Expect a surprise visit from the King, Bill Murray.

22. Poltergeist

If Insidious is too much for the kiddos, pop in this Tobe Hooper classic complete with scares and tubular effects.

23. Brain Damage

Gore. Laughs. Originality. Just what the doctor ordered.

24. The Mist

HP Lovecraftian adaptation based on Stephen King’s novel, also titled The Mist, with probably one of the most fucked up endings I have ever seen but the ride is enthralling and action-packed with several actors from The Walking Dead.

25. Dawn of the Dead

The mall is the perfect habitat to seek refuge after a zombie Apocalypse. The remake is also quite enjoyable. “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”

26. Alice, Sweet Alice

A real nail biter of a slasher flick that mixes religion, child murder, and pedophilia.

27. Phenomena

It’s hard to choose just one Dario Argento film but it might as well be Phenomena. Young girls are brutally murdered with Iron Maiden is blasting in the background…. What’s more entertaining than that?

28. Hellraiser 2

The first Hellraiser tends to disappoint many that do not carry a boner for Clive Barker because it drags on and we see very little of Pinhead and his Cenobites. The sequel is 10 times more disgusting with a vivid look into hell.

29. The Shining

Intense psychological horror film about a family that is isolated in an evil hotel where past caretakers have murdered their families.
30. Dead Alive/Brain Dead

Absurd gorefest with laughs and masterful effects that ends with a lawn mower massacre. Also known as Brain Dead.
31. Night of the Demons

It wouldn’t be Halloween without Night of the Demons. This big-haired demon flick is not to be taken seriously. It scared me out of my wits when I was a child but still managed to receive a lot of chuckles. The film centers around a group of kids having a party at an abandoned funeral party. You can guess what happens next. “Eat a bowl of fuck!” Avoid the remake at all costs.

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