WWE Night of Champions 2013-Preview and Predictions


Let’s be honest, on paper this PPV does not look so promising. I mean coming off of Summerslam which to me was the best PPV of 2013, this show really has some potential, but I mean it looks pretty predictable. Right now, WWE has a few big stars out till at least Rumble or longer, so WWE has to be thinking about building new ones. I just feel this PPV does not really feel like they are on board with this concept. Enjoy this month’s predictions and comments. And funny how Kofi is on the poster, but not on the actual show. Though this one is a stretch that I am thinking if RVD wins the title tonight, I predict he will turn heel and help Heyman if Punk wins..if you think that is a far off, wait till you read the rest.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship.

The Orton heel turn and run so far has been a huge hit. Orton is in his element, he really seems to love it. Daniel Bryan is that wrestler who everyone has been talking about for years and he finally has arrived. That one guy, who is in the Stone Cold and Rock zip code of huge crowd reaction and must see talent. This match should deliver because when has Daniel Bryan been in a main event match that did not deliver? Though, I think they are saving the Bryan win for something bigger. WWE knows it has a potential cash cow with the Bryan chase for the title, but the unknown is if that cash cow would be with the Bryan defending the title. So I am to assume the WWE will go with the formula it knows will help them compete somewhat with the NFL on Mondays, and keep that belt on Orton till a bigger PPV like Survivor Series or even Hell in a Cell. So, expect some DQ finish or Big Show having to come down and interfere for Orton to build up the program as well with the Big Show and HHH which has to be leading to a match down the road.

Winner by DQ-Daniel Bryan

-C.M. Punk vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman in a non-title handicap elimination match.

Curtis feels like a rushed concept. The WWE has made a reputation off of rushing characters on us or shoving them down our throats hoping they catch on quicker. I know they have a lot invested in this Axel character, but I wish they would slow it down. I think the selling point to this is Punk getting his hands on Heyman. The Axel part is interchangeable; anyone could be in that role. I am not sure where things are heading for Punk and what is next if he does get his hands on Heyman. I just feel something has to happen that this is stretched out say another PPV or so. Punk is in a confusion place that either all roads lead to the Lesnar rematch that he has to win, or that all roads lead to him getting a title shot by Wrestlemania. I will pick Punk to win the Rumble match. Just as I will pick somehow or another that Punk gets screwed in this one. What does Punk lose if he does not win this? What does WWE lose if Punk wins? That is the question that I feel my prediction benefits what is good right now for viewership.

Winner-Curtis Axel

-Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship.

How many people think Ricardo is going to turn and get back with Del Rio? God, that seems to be what I have a gut feeling will be happening eventually. RVD and Ricardo feels like a fail, but a fail for a reason. If RVD were to win, I can see Damien cashing in tonight. There is a reason for all of Sandow’s jobs lately, they are building him up to be a champ who can be beat by anyone. This is going to be like Ziggler where every PPV I predicted that he would cash in and win, and it never happened till the day after Wrestlemania on television. I have to pick DelRio because I feel there is so much more to do with him as champ, and I just do not see them giving RVD or Sandow the belt tonight. Though a Ricardo turn would be cool tonight, I am not ruling it out. Plus RVD has a part time schedule like Lesnar almost, so why would he be champ? Though, my gut feels that RVD will win and then turn heel and help Heyman and set up a program with Punk. God, is this one a struggle I will close my eyes.

Winner and dammit new Champ-RVD

-A.J. Lee vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi in a four-way for the WWE Divas Championship.

A.J. is the other wrestler fans have been crying for. The female equivalent of a Trish or Lita, the girl who can work, has personality and is good for television. A.J. so far in her WWE tenure has become a very good asset. The Bella sisters to me have lost so much in their latest run; from them no selling A.J.’s promo which I hope they got an earful backstage about, to the show Total Divas that does not paint either in a good light. Nattie’s problem is that while she has the passion and she can work is that she has zero charm or charisma on the microphone. Fans would rather see Beth Phoenix come back than watch Nattie. Naomi on the other hand can work pretty well if she has a good worker to guide her in the match. Again, she has tons of energy but does not have that “it” that would make you watch her. I feel the era of A.J. has to continue, until they pull someone out of development that fans like me having been talking about since she went into it. Sara Del Ray vs A.J would be pure gold. You got the indie darling like Bryan Danielson who the fans would solidly support, and you got the WWE machine made talent like A.J. who the fans do support. I mean we all have a crystal ball to the future when Jojo replaces Lillian Garcia, so the age of youth is upon us but I pray that the age of true talent does not pass us by.

Winner and still champ-A.J.

-Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler for the U.S. Championship.

This could be the match of the night if they are given enough time. Talk about two styles that on paper just sound like they can create a match and work their asses off. I hate seeing Ziggler still being punished for running his mouth in an interview about Orton and the WWE business, but he is learning his lesson. I will predict Ambrose for the most part, because I just feel that The Shield right now is on the verge of that Wyatt feud. I think Ambrose will lose say around Hell in a Cell or before and put himself in the big title picture around next year’s Money in the Bank, but I feel right now they are building the character to be the next big heel. Ziggler though I am not sure what is going on, that is why I feel a heel RVD winning the title may be good for a lot of people.

Winner and still champ-Dean Ambrose

-The Prime Time Players vs. The Uso Brothers vs. Tons of Funk vs. The Real Americans vs. 3MB in a tag team turmoil match for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Let’s take out the elements that will not win. I do not see 3MB or Tons of Funk doing it. I am a huge fan of the Real Americans and see a ton of potential in them, but they are a heel act and they won’t win either. Which leads us to our two face teams, the Prime Time Players and the USO’s both of which had some great momentum as of late, and both trying to get to the next level. We know the USO’s brings out the best in the Shield, but I just feel that the Prime Time Players may get the match tonight. I feel with Young coming out of the closet and Titus being such a class act in the press standing behind his friend, and for a member of GLAAD as a a WWE writer in creative it does not hurt. I think the guys are far too deserving of just the spot to be in a PPV challenging. This is that feel good team that most fans whatever your sexual preference is, feel that is going to be that feel good story of a team that struggled to finally break out of the curtain jerk role to the middle of the card on PPV’s.

Winner and the Number One Contenders-The Prime Time Players

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. the winners of the tag team turmoil match.

Rollins is a major star and player in say 2015 WWE. I feel he will be their CM Punk story in the upcoming years. Tyler Black the former persona was ROH’s best champ since Bryan Danielson, and put on some awesome 5 star matches. I mean The Age of the Fall was a brilliant concept that really made ROH stand out. I feel The Shield gimmick at this point while helping Ambrose look like a leader, is hindering Rollins. He has started to look like the job guy in the group for single matches. Reigns is just a work in progress, and I feel if he went solo he would not fare so well. So, they keep Rollins around to build up Reigns. The fanboys including me all loved the last few Rollins vs Bryan matches, and talk about a PPV quality match with more of a longer time that could work. Do I see any team unseating The Shield as the tag champs sure, but not in this picture and on this night. I feel like all of us can see it will be The Wyatt’s or maybe a Punk and Bryan team could do it. That is a concept I called it first remember, who would not get behind Daniel Bryan and CM Punk as a team? Talk about elevating the tag team picture Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs The Shield for the titles. Or The Shield vs The Wyatts in a 6 man tag. God, the creative concepts are all out on the table.

Winners and still champs-The Shield.