TV Show Review-Fear Files


Review-Fear Files is a popular show on The History Channel that explores the paranormal and other fears as well and their traditions. We go from one case to another case, giving us strange occurrences that will be explored and examined where we determine if this is real or are they pulling our legs. In addition to us coming to our own conclusions we get skeptics and believers who help us with what side of the coin we seem to fall on. In these three discs we get families who are scared of the simplest things like being scared to be in their own house. We learn that people see everything from doors that open and close to knives flying. The thing is that I believe in this stuff. I mean, I have seen lights in my loft turn themselves on in the middle of the night, and also the day my dad died, I saw a strange shadow in my room that night. I mean, I understand that these things may have a reason or that maybe I was in a dream and that maybe I did not know. How many of us as kids can swear up and down we seen a Bigfoot just off some kind of reflections in the woods behind our houses? Things I feel can be explained. This show will also focus on the paranormal stuff that we have been hearing about since the early 70’s, when after the Exorcist, millions of people had felt that their kid was possessed by Satan. We will uncover things like ESP, UFO’s and if prayer has power along with any miracle cure. This also dissects the things like Vampire legends and Halloween. I feel that the show serves a purpose and will give the majority of us the heebies while others will laugh at it. I enjoyed this show and really was captivated that people actually believe in this stuff, and that this show will go out to prove that this may be true. I mean we are all scared as kids of the boogeyman under our beds or that monster in the closet. As adults some of us live in more modern fears and real boogeymen that haunt us in reality. ( Some will call it an abusive lover and others will call it a verbally abusive boss) I just feel that if this stuff is real, that it would not feel so staged like this show comes across as. I am not saying it was not entertaining, this show was very factual it claimed, but it did not ever have me bored or wanting to shut it off. Some of the times, it had me hitting the dvd back to rewatch certain things again. This one I will recommend for the simple fact that it is fun and will keep you entertained whether you believe or not.

8 out of 10