TV Show Review-Arrow: The Complete First Season


Review-Arrow is a television show about DC Comics character The Green Arrow. The Green Arrow is basically the story about Oliver Queen who we learn is shipwrecked on an island for 5 years, and when he comes home he is a changed person. He is haunted by mistakes of his past and wants to make good on his father’s last wish before he died. This is to rid the city of all the bad guys, which to do this he will incorporate all the skills he learned while being on the island. This show while I feel it has a lot in common with Smallville still had fun with the first season. The biggest surprise right out of the gates is that it feels more like each episode is a crime drama than any kind of superhero. Oliver does not possess any super hero gifts and comes across more like a spy. This show is heavily into character development and script and for both of those traits alone, this show really shines. This show does not move at a frantic pace but works at a methodical one; it seems inspired more by a Nolan or Raimi storytelling, that for this show to mean anything it has to grow, and this show if anything else gives its main character Oliver a place to grow on you. Being it is on the CW you almost know to expect the generic romance sequences and the soap opera inspired dialogue at times, which for show is fine. I just was hoping it would try to be like Dark Knight and go a little more risky, say darker or maybe edgier as time goes on to really give this show some more depth. The flash-back sequences are Lost inspired to say the least, but they seem to fit this show well. That is the one thing I realized as the season played out is that the story really advances to a point that you want it to keep on going and when the season ends, you are really cheering on a second season to hurry up. I love the new look of the Green Arrow and I love the performance by Stephen Amell, and feel he is going to do well as this show grows. I feel that the supporting cast deserve so much credit for working hard to make this show shine and give it a personality. All in all, I am a fan of Arrow and cannot wait to see more and this Tuesday, you guys if you have not witnessed this show yet, should really give it a shot.

8 out of 10