TV on DVD Review-The Beverly Hillbillies- The Official Fourth Season


Coming on DVD This Tuesday

Review-The Beverly Hillbillies as a lot of people know is the story of Jed Clampett. Jed was a poor hillbilly who lived with his daughter Elly May, mother-in-law Granny and half-wit nephew Jethro. One day he was hunting for food in his swamp and missed the food and hit the ground and out came crude. As the theme song that we all know goes on he gets around 25 million and leaves the simple life for Beverly Hills. This show started in 1962 and ended in 1971, and like many shows of its time and era is still glorified today in both reruns and these dvd season sets. When you think about the premise, just like Gilligan’s Island, the biggest question is how did it last so long? This is easily a premise that you would think after maybe 3 seasons would seem old and stale. Thank god no one tried to colorize this show and they kept it in B&W. I have to admit, that I love certain aspects of this show, but it just seems again that all the episodes sort of counter each other in terms of the jokes seem to be almost the same. Now, I am not saying that is a bad thing, I am just saying to watch a whole season of this show straight is quite the challenge, but to watch it episode to episode over a few days would be better. I have to admit Irene Ryan as Granny is the coup of this show. How anyone can listen to Granny and not have a blast with her mannerisms and delivery is beyond me. She is the glue that held this show together. As a fan of cult television, I always hated the episodes that they left Beverly Hills to travel; those episodes seemed to really be light on script and more on scenery. Jethro goes to College, which was the episode that Jethro is trying to get a girl with Granny’s love potions while Jed thinks Jethro needs to get women off his mind. They want him to get an education and Mr. Drysdale who runs the bank where Jed’s money is at gives him a job at the bank. That to me is all about Jethro just being so clueless and oblivious to all around him and you can see how greedy a bank president is to not let his big account leave. Other epsides involve Jethro trying to find love, and the family trying to find Elly May a man. This season came out in 1966 which was such a weird time in America, and this show really gave Americans a reason to laugh. I feel that after Vietnam, shows like this became old news in favor of cutting edge humor and shows that were willing to try and be realistic. I feel television was golden more from the 60’s, but it really took shape and turned a corner in the 70’s with more cutting edge situation comedies that really were not afraid to acknowledge politics and how the world is changing. Where shows like Beverly Hillbillies you would think at that time the world was more laid back, care free and wanting anything to humor them. With shows like Sanford and Son, All in the Family, Mash and Johnny Carson really starting to come into his own, you knew that television was really taking yesterday’s shows and throwing all those rules out the window. I am a fan of The Beverly Hillbillies, and I feel that Season 1 and 3 were the strongest, but this was ok and had enough fun laughs that you will sit there and try to remember where you were when you first watched that episode. This is another one of those things that could be passed down from one generation to another.

7.5 out of 10