Day 3

Ahhh…it’s almost over…Day 2 was really awesome and Day 3 was the lighter of the 3 with fewer bands but also had some of the heaviest hitters.  Also day 3 offered one of the biggest surprises of the festival for me with a little band called…Battle Beast.

The first band I checked out was Deathchain who are making some waves in the Death Metal community and if I am not mistaken are from here in Kuopio, Finland where I am staying.  I have to admit, not my cup of tea and I wasn’t very impressed with what I heard so Deathchain is a pass for me.

Next up was Sweden’s Amaranthe performing on the Main Stage.  Right now Amaranthe is still riding high on the success of their newest album ‘The Nexus’.  I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the Jake and Andy in Kuopio in March and they are really cool guys and on this day they got to perform on a bigger venue a larger crowd and they did a fantastic job.  Elize, Jake and Andy all had the crowd singing along and loving every minute of the show!  They even remembered me when I saw them after the show and offered to let me come backstage and catch up but I had to photograph Nightwish.  Hopefully when they come back to Kuopio I can sit down with them again and catch up.  Great job at Tuska guys you did a fantastic job!

Next up I went and watched the all female band Barbe-Q-Barbies…for some reason I saw them as some sort of mix between The Go-Go’s and The Runaways.  They put on a solid show and had some good rock songs.  I can’t say I’m a new fan but I don’t hate them either.

Now we come to my surprise of the day and Festival.  Originally Asking Alexandria were supposed to perform but had to cancel because of passport issues.  All I can say to that is, THANK GOD, because listening to EMO music at a Metal festival would have been pretty horrible.  Battle Beast was brought in as a replacement and WOW was I blown away!  This female fronted metal band from Helsinki was absolutely fantastic live.  I had heard very little of the band beforehand with only a few songs which I thought were ok but live the band excels and sound even better.  The vocals of Noora Louhimo were like a screaming banshee unleashing hell!  She sounded fantastic live and even batter than on the albums.  The band themselves were killing it and sounding great.  Overall I think Battle Beast were the biggest surprise for me of the whole festival and I really want to hear more!  Check them out and their new self-titled album!!

Now we come to the main act of the day…Nightwish.  This marks the third time I have got to see Nightwish perform and I think this may have been the best they have ever sounded.  Floor Jansen is a perfect replacement for Anette and I hope the band decides to keep her as she can sing the songs great.  The band themselves are pros and the songs sounded perfect and crystal clear.  Marco and Floor played well together and seemed to have a good chemistry on stage and Floor fits right in and never missed a beat.  The Imaginearum album translates to a live setting very well and everything is grand and majestic like a Nightwish show should be.  Again, Nightwish ruled the day with their performance and I had the opportunity to sit with Marco before the show and talk to him and he is a really down to earth guy.  Follow the link to watch the video interview and hear an embarrassing story about Floor!!!

Overall Tuska was a fantastic experience.  I have never heard an outdoor festival sound so great.  The sound mixers here in Finland really know how to mix bands live so you can hear the music and not a bunch of noise which really makes the live setting great to see the bands.  If you ever have an opportunity to come to Finland and attend the Tuska festival, by all means do so as you may not ever get another experience like it.

Day 3 Bands:

  • Deathchain
  • Hateform
  • Amaranthe
  • Santa Cruz
  • Barbe-Q-Barbies
  • Battle Beast
  • Death Hawks
  • Stratovarius
  • Betrayal At Bespin
  • Nightwish