Music Review-The Julie Ruin-Run Fast


Review-Kathleen Hanna is one of those artists that always seem to be highly creative in what she is trying to achieve, but yet others seem to get all the press and platinum cds, while she remains a cult hero. The Julie Ruin is Kathleen’s return to music after a 7 year break. If the name Julie Ruin may sound familiar that was her low-fi side project in between the end of Bikini Kill and the debut of Le Tigre. Now, it seems she resurrected the name as a band that seems to be a little less message and more catchy retro punk pop. Run Fast is a record that if you loved her work in Le Tigre, you will definitely get into this. The one thing about Kathleen is when she gets to singing you can feel her emotion and passion as she goes on and on in the track. Kathleen has always had that passion to put the listener in her world, and make them feel like they are experiencing it with her. This cd seems to be a balance of Kathleen’s history, you have the Le Tigre alternative pop, and at times the Bikini Kill anger and guitar. Kathleen on the surface seems to have stuck with the same formula, but once you really dig into this cd you will see some new tricks for her and the band. They incorporate piano, some sing-a-long melodies that in songs like Goodnight, Goodbye sound like they are singing you softly to sleep after a long day, and a male vocalist who does background on some of the tracks. While I felt with Le Tigre, Kathleen was trying more for commercial acceptance as the band kept putting out music; this time around I think Kathleen is more interested and passionate in keeping her fans happy. This cd will show people that Kathleen deserves a place in music. She really has created the perfect comeback vehicle to show fans she is far from over. This was such a great record and Kathleen’s best since the Le Tigre debut record.

9.5 out of 10