Music Review-Seremonia-Ihminen


– Noora Federley / vocals
– Ville Pirinen / guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals
– Ilkka Vekka / bass, synthesizer, backing vocals
– Erno Taipale / drums, flute, guitar

Review-Ihminen is the second cd from Finland based band Seremonia. To describe the sound of the band is a cross between Jefferson Airplane, Ghost and The Duke Spirit. For those who are not familiar with this band, Noora the lead singer sings in her native tongue, and the band has a catchy 70’s groove, that if you are an American you will not understand a lot of what she saying, but you will find yourself being sucked in by the catchy musicians she has backing her up. The follow up to their debut really puts their foot on the gas and they really seem to be trying to keep this record both catchy and exciting, where the debut record seems to have had a more slowed down and methodical pacing. This band seems to have the fuzzy guitars in full riff mode and trying to create more unique psychedelic power metal. While the beauty of the debut is when I listened to it once, I had to think about it then go back to it. This record once I listened to it, I immediately felt I had to go back to it. This record sucks you into this world of just yesteryear and just like the effects of doing too many pills or drugs. Where Ghost seemed to have softened up their act from last record to now, Seremonia has really upped their game and just come out of the gate swinging and each song really make you feel that this band has so much talent and that this band is only getting started but have so much to do. The negative to this cd, actually I wish it would have been more songs and went for another hour. This band is just so addictive that I feel if they ever found a radio station in America to give them a chance, people would be so confused by the lyrics but so sucked in with the sound that it would catch on. As good as the debut was, this cd is light years ahead of its time.

9 out of 10