Music Review-Devin Townsend Project-The Retinal Circus


Coming out October 29th…be prepared

True north
Lucky animals
Planet of the apes
Planet Smasher
Colour Your World
The Greys
(15 minute intermission)
Hyperdrive! (acoustic)
Where We Belong
Bend It Like Bender
Wild Colonial Boy
Little Pig

Review-The Retinal Circus both the cd and dvd are something special. Trust me; if you are a music fan and know about Devin and what he has been up to, you are going to be blown away. The musical highlights for me are easy, Steve Vai introducing us to Ziltoid and then a devastating Planet Smasher that really comes out of the speakers and television set. I would be foolish not to start off with what kicks off this fun circus and that is the beauty of Devin and Anneke doing an amazing opening with True North. And this next one is selfish but the Strapping Young Lad song Detox which tore it up. Jed Simon came into the picture like a man possessed. This show plays more like a history lesson about Devin, with the Steve Vai overhead conversation to acknowledge where he came from, I am just shocked that Devin did not really throw a loop and have Ginger from the Wildhearts come out and do some PHUQ stuff, Nita Nitro would have really thrown it all into a loop for sure. Or Jason Newstead doing some stuff from the demos. Those far out arguments aside, this is a must have. Devin does Ocean Machine, Devin does SYL and he does almost every other aspect of his insane career, that no matter where his head has been at, he has consistently created some great music. By the end of the show they have this lounge assembled where they all looked like they had a blast. That is the one thing about this show, you can tell everyone involved was there to entertain and they had a great time. There are some times during the show Devin seems to get very excited and makes a few little errors, but it was part of the fun. This is the best cd of 2013, from start to finish this is the one live cd that I feel after I played it three times straight and watched this on television now twice, that this is my generations Kiss Alive. This is that journey that makes you wish you were there in person taking all this in.

10 out of 10