Movie(s) Review-War Witch///Greetings from Tim Buckley///Somebody up there likes me and Resolution


Resolution will be available on dvd and blu ray on October 8th

Review-Resolution is a film that I have heard a lot of positive about, and knew I had to see it first. The era of true horror films and critics feels like it is dying. Today’s fan seems to be more open to being forced fed mediocrity and being told it tastes good. There is a film that came out a long time back called Cookers that was inventive and really took the viewer into uncharted territory and delivered something to brag about. Resolution is a major letdown, not so much about the film which it is what it is, but the fans and reviews that lie and say this film is good or taking horror into new ground or a fresh breath of whatever. I am reading the art work and to say this film puts Cabin in the Wood to shame is a joke. No matter what you think about the other film Cabin in the Woods, to think this is the better is a complete fucking joke. This film is about Mike who seems to have it all going for him, but wants to save his friend Chris who is addicted to drugs. Mike goes to Chris’s run down shack in the middle of nowhere and handcuffs him to the bed to help him clean up. Why not just let him get high and when he passes out, put him in a car and seek help for him? I hate films that give us the goody character who thinks they can save the meek. Well, as he is chained up and Mike is watching him strange things start to happen, in a very slow and dull pace. This film should be a lifetime movie instead of a horror entry. What is so horror about this film? The way the story plays out, it feels more like a Betty Ford endorsement more than any kind of horror. No offense if I read this script and felt like I am going to give this to horror fans and say this will scare you, I would become a drug addict as well. Stick with indie websites and blogs fans; do not listen to the majors. There is no way they saw this whole film and came up with any conclusion that this film is watchable or horror. Unless, they got some payola to do it, this film is as scary as Intervention was. Even the episode with the Days of the New singer Travis Meeks had more horror than this film. God, did that band rule back in the day right?

3 out of 10–this was mercy and sympathy more than any kind of talent..


Greetings from Tim Buckley is coming out September 17th

Review-Talk about a story that was tailor made for the small screen. Tim Buckley died at 28 of an overdose then Jeff drowned at the age of 30. I will not go on and on about what a huge fan of Jeff, I and my wife were. This film was the one film I thought when I first heard the news could not miss with me. But, it did miss. This film had the emotional range of chalk, and that is sad. Penn Badgley who should win an Oscar for his part as Jeff is amazing and really worth bragging about, but he is really not the center of the film and almost comes across as some kind of backdrop. This film has some really touching moments like when Jeff comes to term during a tribute to his father about the love-hate he has for him. This film is supposed to be billed as a father son relationship over time, but it just comes across as so sappy and underwhelming that they would try so hard to do so much with this story, that at its core if this film just focused on Jeff in his final years and did not have to give us the flashbacks, it would have worked so much more. This film tried to have an urgency to it, but it just felt like a missed opportunity. The title to the film is the tribute to his dad that he plays in New York. Imogen Poots plays Allie who is a singer who is also an intern that Jeff refers to as slave. The romance of the film between the two I just felt was so badly written and very worst acted. I just wish it would have kept the focus on the story and not tried to venture out of it so much. But, Grace is still an awesome record that any true music fan should own.

6 out of 10


War Witch is coming out this Tuesday

Review-Last year War Witch was nominated for Best Foreign Language film, and with good reason. Once you watch this film it will not leave you so easy. This message of this film is as subtle as a pipe bomb. Kim Nguyen really showcases why people should be paying attention, this film which we learn when we finish watching it was inspired by an article Kim read about a couple of chain smoking ten year olds. These two are twins and they are sacred to a rebel group in Africa. This film is scary in a different realm of horror, more like reality based fear because this is the truth and real of what is going on right now with African children. Komona is a 12 year old living in a village with her family until one day rebels turn up to pillage the place and she is taken captive. From being subjected to some horrifying ordeal she is trained to be a warrior. A warning if you guys thought Martyrs was hard to watch with the brutality, wait till you see what this little girl goes thru. After a battle is waged she is the sole survivor and thus declared a sorceress by the main leader of the rebels. She is then befriended by Magician who is a fighter and she gets the attention and affection she never got before. She finds a happiness and in that time gets pregnant and decides to take her child back to her birthplace, but that is easier said than done when she is the prized war witch by the Great Tiger. The soundtrack to this film is haunting and the cinematography is epic, this film is unreal and very much a film that is a once in a lifetime experience. I am not sure if a mainstream audience is ready for this harsh realism slice, but I really cannot brag hard enough about this film. This is a must watch.

9 out of 10


Somebody up there likes me will be coming out September 17th

Review-I will be the first to admit I am not a fan of most of Wes Anderson’s films. I feel like if you see one, you get the gist of the others. I get it people think he is a radical offbeat director, with his humor and situations. But, come on in the era of a Todd Solondz how can anyone claim to be offbeat and not mention him first. This is another film that the first sequence in the film is the end sequence, which I always feel is a negative unless they give you something to be excited about. This film not so much, we get Nick Offerman who plays Sal just talking, and we are exposed to a blue suitcase that when opens has a light indicating something supernatural may be involved. We find out the suitcase is owned by this guy named Max who seems like one of those uninspired types that just goes thru life floating and not being affected by anything. But, when we get to know him we learn that is heartbroken, his recent divorce has gotten to him. The film covers three decades and we watch as Max never seems to age at all. This film just feels like a rip off of The Royal Tenenbaums, and just as stale with this script and characters. I just found myself checking in and out of the film as it went on, because it could not hold my attention. I know people who love Offerman could be more open to this film, but I barely put up with him when he comes on Conan to read Twitter stuff, that a film with him did not amuse me or keep me into it. To make it easy, skip this and go buy War Witch and maybe witness Greetings from Tim Buckley.

2 out of 10